Light on Yoga for Mums Challenge Week 5 & 6

If I were being honest I would tell you that had I not made this challenge public and created a lovely little group of women I would have thrown in the towel for this light on yoga for mums challenge in the last fortnight.

It is not that the poses got too hard. In fact if they were harder perhaps I would be more motivated to keep going.  Instead this sequence builds slowly and steadily allowing for time to really work on each posture.  It gives you time to move deeply into each asana and feel confident before moving on.  It also gives you a hell of a lot of time to think.  Which is brilliant and a struggle all at once.

I’ve had to push myself to the mat this fortnight because my motivation went for a long walk and hasn’t yet returned.  Once there I really had to concentrate to control my mind that wanted to jump to and from every one of the million other things I have happening at the moment.

After considering this (whilst staring at a blank page attempting to write this reflection) I realised that the reality is; this is when I need yoga the most.  When my monkey mind has me racing around a million miles a minute and my body is attempting to keep up; I need yoga to ground me.  I need a quiet 20 minutes to take back control of my thoughts and attempt to put them in some kind of order.  I need the quiet to reset the feeling of stress that constricts my chest and rises with the realisation that I have a LOT to do in the next 3 months.

So I will continue to carve out a precious 20 minutes from my very busy days to continue.  I will remind myself that I don’t need to do everything at once and that one step at a time is how everything happens.

With that, let’s move on to the 3 new asanas for week 5 and 6.  This fortnight we leave behind Tadasana (mountain) and Vrksasana (tree) and pick up Urdhva Prasarita Padasana (high extended foot), Paripurna Navasana (boat) and Ardha Navasana (half boat).  We also add in some Ujjay Pranayama in Savasana (corpse).  If you are joining in late and want to see the other asanas all the details are here.

The poses we are adding in this fortnight are strong core work so we will be working those abdominal and back muscles hard. To print the go to guide for the asanas this fortnight, click here.

So that’s it for this fortnight.  How are you going?  Any tips to help me with my motivation?

3 Responses to “Light on Yoga for Mums Challenge Week 5 & 6

  • Dude…. I am seriously bad at Boat! I can never get my legs higher than my head and if I do I immediately keel over backwards! Definitely something to work on…

    • Bettina Rae
      10 years ago

      Haha if I was brave enough I would show you the outtakes from this photo shoot. Lots of unbalanced boats!

  • good for you for doing it. sadly no motivations tips, but if you find any please let me know too 😉

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