How knowing your cycles can make you happier in your relationships


Do you find that at some stages during the month your partner drives you mental?


Do you find yourself feeling incredibly irritated by all the things they don’t do? Their clothes on the floor, the dishes in the sink, their inability to put anything away…


Do you find yourself not wanting to be touched and wanting to snap if they try?


Maybe even you find yourself feeling irrational because they’re chewing too loudly.  No but seriously, have they always chewed this loudly?!


Have you also ever noticed that these feelings come regularly at a particular stage in your cycle?


It’s not uncommon to feel like this during our autumn phase (just before menstruation).  Modern society would call this PMS, and of course comes with the negative stigma.


Yes this is a destructive phase. Yes we need to amp up the self-care.  But we can also use the energy of this cycle in a positive way (to examine the aspects of our lives that actually do need to be let go of and destroyed) rather than unconsciously channeling this destructive energy into our most important relationships.


In today’s video I’m talking you through the four phases of your cycle and work with your cycle, rather than against it.  And how your relationship can improve because of this.


If you’d also like a yoga flow for each of the phases I’ve got one for each in my online yoga studio. You can practice with me now but starting your free 30 day trial here today.


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