Just the two of us

just the two of us


As my belly grows bigger I’m becoming more and more aware of how limited my time alone with Eamon is, that never again will it be ‘just the two of us’.  In less than 15 weeks  I’m going to be outnumbered by little people and I’m really not sure how on earth that works.  I already feel outnumbered by the end of the day and I only have one, you know?


I’m both loving this stage of parenting the most and struggling with it at the same time.


+ I LOVE that he is stringing sentences together like nobody’s business, to the point that sometimes his brain is going so fast he stutters. But at the same time, by the end of the day I have completely lost the ability to form sentences myself because I’ve answered the question ‘why?’ 3 trillion times.


+ I LOVE when he tells me things like “Mummy and Daddy are my best friends” or when I was getting dressed to take these photos he told me “you look bee-yoo-tiful Mummy’.  But then at other times I wish he wasn’t talking quite so much. (Like when he was losing it because his ‘sausages'(pegs) were  holding up the washing and  I should ‘go to my room’ cause that’s not ‘good a-haviour!”).


+ I LOVE that he is getting more and more independent, and will happily play by himself now for quite a while.  I don’t love that climbing on the top of the cubby, running into walls with his little car and crash tackling me are often his favourite games to play.


+ I LOVE that he is so curious about people and what they are doing.  But I can see the questions getting more and more embarrassing as time goes on though. Yesterday when visiting a friend who was feeding her newborn his question was “why she only got one boob?” and then proceded to count mine to check they were both still there. Fun times.


just the two of us3


Even though I often have to drag myself to the end of the day, at the same time I find myself wanting to hang on to every minute so tightly.  I want to wrap him up in this age and not let him get any older.


I find myself really trying to make the most of our days together, knowing that soon I will have to be saying lots of “in a minute Eamon”, “just wait Eamon”, and “wait for us Eamon” as we wade back into newborn territory.  But then I think about what it will be like to see the two of them together and I get that choked up feeling and I know that like parenting at every stage, it’s going to be bloody hard, but the good bits will make it all worth it.


Do you find yourself loving and hating parts of each stage of parenting?


just the two of us2


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  • By about four in the afternoon I am just exhausted…mostly mentally…my poor baby brain cannot keep up with a three year old!

  • I love every stage and yet every stage is hard. But I am super freaked out with Jarvis and time seems to be on speed dial

    • littleoldsouls@hotmail.com
      9 years ago

      I know! Sometimes you put them to bed and they seem to wake up so much older!

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