Inspiration vs Overwhelm

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What a weekend! I’ve just been at wanderlust Sunshine Coast over the weekend and it seems I’ve come away with two totally polar feelings about the whole thing.
On the one hand I feel completely inspired to learn more, do more, be more.  I want to bring more to my teaching and my practice. I feel like my head is buzzing with all the ideas for what I want to share here.


Whilst on the other hand I feel incredibly overwhelmed by the comparison of my little community here and all the talent that is ‘out there’.

Questions of ‘why would anyone choose to practice with me over…’ are cropping up. Along with ‘who am I to be teaching this when I still have so much to learn…’

It would be so easy to just pack it up and resign myself to the fact that YES there are many people further along this journey than me. Many people who are working to (in some ways) achieve the same thing. People with the same message to share.

But then I remember that just in the same way that some teachers resonate with me and not others, so too will I appeal to some and not others. Some of you out there (hello? You are out there right?) will need to hear it the way I say it- not from anyone else.

So I will continue to work on sitting with the discomfort of comparison. In knowing that it’s ok that I am here and not fifty paces ahead, where I might like to be.
Maybe there is something in your life that you feel mixed feelings of both overwhelm and inspiration?  Do you flip back and forward between the two?  How do you flip back to inspiration when overwhelm starts to take over?

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