I hit my breaking point – what to do if you’re overwhelmed by motherhood

Some weeks motherhood literally kicks my arse. I feel like I’m stretched too thin and completely overwhelmed by motherhood.

I want to be honest with you. Life lately has been a struggle for me. Andrew has been working away for long stretches at a time and it’s been a real adjustment to get used to.

I share this, not because I’m not okay. I am. I’m doing my best to make sure I get the time I need to feel okay, but it’s also hard. I want to be honest with you about that. I don’t ever want to paint a rosy picture of motherhood or pretend that it doesn’t constantly test me. It does. Daily.

overwhelmed by motherhood

What to do if you’re overwhelmed by Motherhood

Organise to have a break in the near future

For some (myself included) time to yourself every day is not possible. Andrew has been working ten days straight at times and hiring a babysitter regularly hasn’t really been an option. Some weeks I’ve had to push through knowing it’s going to be 7 days before I get some time to myself (did I mention I also have a stage 5 clinger who doesn’t sleep well so I don’t even get the time to myself after dark).

Sometimes though just organising the break and knowing it’s coming helps immensely. So even if you can’t manage it for a couple of weeks, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by motherhood I highly recommend planning some time away for yourself. Ask a neighbour. Book a babysitter. Time swap with a friend who also has kids. Whatever you need to do to have time for YOU locked in. Even if it’s only for an hour.

Take a nap (if you can)

Again, this one is not always possible right in the moment, but when you’re struggling and it’s possible – put yourself to bed. Just like your kids get feral when they’re tired so do we. So maybe you don’t actually need to run away forever like you think. Maybe you just need a little extra sleep.

Have strategies to fill yourself up quickly

When suggestion one and two are just not possible any time in the near future you need things you can do to fill yourself back up quickly. Bonus points if you can write a list of these things and stick it somewhere you’ll see it next time you feel overwhelmed (because often we forget these simple things when we need them the most).

Maybe for you it’s drinking your favourite cup of tea on the grass outside while the kids play. Or perhaps it’s as simple as writing a list of things that are swirling around in your head.

I have a simple breathing practice for you today that can be added to your list. It will literally only take five minutes or less and becomes a really nice reset for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Try this practice and let me know in the comments how you went.

If you enjoy this practice you might like to try my free program for Mothers – 7 Days to Mama Zen. 7 short guided meditations specifically for Mums delivered right to your email.

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