How visualisation can help you fall pregnant

help you fall pregnant


Ok before you write off this post as woo woo rubbish, I’d like you bear with me for a second. (FYI… You can either read on or scroll to the bottom to watch the video)


If you’ve been trying to conceive for a few months, or perhaps even years. Or if you’ve lost a baby or are having to go through IVF then the chances are you’re feeling a certain level of stress and anxiety about the whole thing.


I think when we first start trying to conceive we use positive visualisation naturally.


We imagine that moment when we will see our baby.

We imagine when we’ll see those two pink links on the little stick.

We imagine telling our family and friends.

We imagine our belly growing big.

We imagine all the little clothes.


We feel really positive about the whole thing and essentially this IS visualisation. We’re thinking about the future visualising how we want it to go, and in doing so we allow our body to feel all of the great feelings and emotions that come with those thoughts.


We feel excitement and we feel love. We feel ALL of those good feelings that the image in our head creates for us.


But if you don’t fall pregnant straight away and you’re starting to question and doubt whether you’re able to fall pregnant at all, or you’ve had year of struggle with infertility –  you’ve probably stopped imagining all of these positive scenarios.


Instead your thoughts are probably focused more towards the negative and protecting your heart from more disappointment by always imagining the worst.


I know for me, when we started trying again after our first loss, I really struggled to imagine a positive outcome. Each two week wait I was already convinced it was going to be negative. Thinking this way just made me feel stressed out, and anxious and all the other negative feelings that go along with it – sadness, grief, hopelessness…


I didn’t know it at the time but those feelings were flooding my body with stress hormones and making the whole process of trying to fall pregnant even harder.


How can you use visualisation to help you fall pregnant?


Create a habit where every day for five minutes you spend some time just quietly imagining your ideal scenario.

Imagine how you’re going to fall pregnant.

Imagine telling your partner.

Imagine telling your family.

Imagine your belly growing.

Imagine seeing them for the first time on the ultrasound screen.

Imagine preparing the nursery.

Imagine giving birth.

Imagine holding your baby for the first time.

And while you’re imagining all of these things, let yourself FEEL how exciting and good this will be to experience it.


What if you just can’t imagine the positive anymore?


Some days I found it really hard to imagine anything positive. It was like my brain wanted to argue all the ‘what ifs’ and I couldn’t focus on creating that positive visualisation in my mind.  On those days I had a script or story version written down of how I wanted everything to go and I would just read through it.


Will it work immediately?


Some days you’ll find taking five minutes to imagine the positive WILL make you feel immediately better. Other days, it will be a hard slog to find any of those positive emotions.


Honestly though, after spending every morning for a few months visualising the positive it really did help improve how I looked at trying to fall pregnant. I went from feeling completely hopeless and like it was never going to happen for us – to feeling really positive, excited and ready to try again.


So if you’ve fallen into some really negative loops in your mind like I had, I really recommend trying visualisation.  What’s the worst that can happen? You might actually enjoy the process of falling pregnant, rather than feeling negative and stressed out by the whole thing.


Let me know how you go!


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