How to stay sane during the two week wait

The two week wait can be an incredibly anxious time when you’re trying to conceive. If you’re not driving yourself crazy by googling every possible early pregnancy symptom and peeing on all the sticks, you’re lost worrying that yet again, this cycle might be a bust.

So today I’d like to share with you my top 7 suggestions for staying sane during the two week. If you have any extra to add, I’d love if you’d share them with me in the comments below.

two week wait

Gentle yoga

Yoga is a great way to shift the anxious energy that builds up during the two week wait. Choose a gentle class or a fertility specific yoga so that you can rest easy knowing it is safe to practice if you happen to be pregnant already.

If you’ve been doing more intense types of exercise, yoga is a great substitute while you’re trying to conceive. I know many women struggle when they’re told their intense exercise routine might be the reason for their fertility struggle. If you’re feeling antsy and restless, but are afraid to move your body in case you ruin your chances. You can rest assured that a yoga practice, where you tune in to your body, will only help to improve your chances of falling pregnant.

If you’re looking for a yoga class specific for the two week wait, check out the video below.


I leaned heavily on affirmations when we were trying to conceive after our losses. They helped me to stay positive when my mind wanted to take me into negative places, especially during the two week wait when my anxiety would take over. If you’d like more information on using affirmations for fertility, check out this post here.

Refrain from peeing on alllll the sticks

I know it feels like this will make you feel better. But you know it won’t.

If you get a negative, you’ll either feel shitty that yet again this cycle hasn’t worked or you’ll talk yourself into the fact that it was too early to test (which it 100% is during the TWW).

If you get a positive, you’ll send yourself into a spin of anxiety so early in your pregnancy and start stressing over every symptom.

Stop. Breathe. Step away from the pregnancy tests. Give yourself until at least the day after your period is due (a week if your cycle isn’t regular). You’re more likely to get a positive result at this time (and you’ll save yourself pissing a whole lot of money down the drain – literally).

Meditation and visualisation

Meditation and visualisation are both great ways to calm the stress you feel during the two week wait. You don’t have to spend too much time on them either to have really positive results.

Spend just five minutes each morning imagining the result you want. For example – visualise a full round pregnant belly or a baby in your arms. Allow yourself to really feel the joy this idea creates for you. This will help flood your body with feel-good hormones and help to keep you in a positive frame of mind.

If you’d like to try a fertility meditation I’ve shared one here. Or to learn more about using visualisation during the two week wait, check out this post here.

Sleep Sleep Sleep

Sleep is so important for fertility. It helps to balance your hormones, improves your general well-being and is an important part in managing anxiety. If you’re a night owl, try to get to bed a little earlier each day to help encourage your body to get more sleep.

Quit Dr. Google

Googling everything when you’re struggling with fertility is often a one-way ticket into a verrrry negative place. I know, because I’ve been there many times myself. Whilst it might seem like a good idea to google every symptom or spend all your time in TTC forums on Facebook, it can quickly become all consuming. Try to take a break from all of it during the two week wait and focus on feeling relaxed and positive in your body instead.

Make plans to do things that make you happy

A funny thing happens when you’re trying to conceive and it’s not happening as easily as you thought it would. Suddenly everything becomes about getting pregnant.

The food you eat.

The exercise you do.

The supplements you take

The holidays you plan (or don’t because you might be pregnant).

The promotion you don’t bother going for (because you’ll be on maternity leave soon…)

The clothes you buy in case you’re pregnant soon.

Timing sex.

Your social life that becomes less appealing because you no longer want to drink.

EVERYTHING becomes about falling pregnant and often all the fun falls away.

So during the two week wait I want you to focus on making yourself happy, right now. Not if and when you fall pregnant – NOW.

Make a list of everything that makes you feel good. Keep the items small and simple – they don’t need to be complicated. Try and do one thing everyday. And of course, there is no reason you should stop once the two week wait is over.

I think we’d all enjoy our lives a lot more if we kept a list and prioritised our own happiness every day.

Top of my happy list was always yoga (but then I’m a little bit biased). What’s on your happy list?

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