How to rebuild strength after IVF hyper-stimulation

I received an email last week after one of my clients experienced IVF hyper-stimulation and had to postpone her transfer.

When I read her words my heart went out to her. I know how it feels when you’ve been doing everything ‘right’ and still it feels like nothing is going your way. 

She wrote – “I’m also really really weak- even a short stroll is too much. Do you have any advice on how to start building up my strength, both physically and emotionally? We see the consultant again on 27 August but I’ve got to take a break from it all for a few weeks- it’s all just too much.”

IVF hyper-stimulation

Sometimes to rebuild strength emotionally and physically, what we really need is to let ourselves just be present with our situation. Even if our current situation is shitty and uncomfortable.  Wishing it was different just makes our suffering even worse, because we get caught up comparing our reality to what we wished had happened.

So if you’ve had IVF hyper-stimulation too.

Or maybe you’ve just had a whole bunch of things go wrong and you’re feeling ‘over it all’ as well.

Maybe your health is suffering

Maybe you have a bad reaction to medication

Maybe you’ve lost a baby.

Or your IVF round failed.

Maybe it just feels like everyone around you seems to have it so f***ing easy while you’re battling over here alone. 

Firstly, can I just say… you’re not alone. Even when it feels like that some days. I have thousands of emails in my inbox to prove it. 

Secondly, you’ve got to get back up.  You ARE strong enough for this.  But you also have permission to be as kind and nurturing to yourself as you can be while you’re down.  

Take a rest.

Take a break.

Look after yourself extremely well and then when you’re ready… dust off your knees and try again.  

I created this class below after I read this email. I’ve been in this place of hopelessness and I wanted to create something that might help if you feel like life has knocked you down yet again.

If you’re feeling a bit like this too, maybe you’d like to try this class as well.

This yoga class is super gentle, in fact we don’t even move off the floor. Roll out your mat, let’s go. x

If you’re brand new to fertility yoga you might like to download my free fertility yoga guide here. It has everything you need to know to get started.

Of if you’re looking for my full fertility yoga program to support you throughout the four stages of your cycle (or IVF cycle) check out my online fertility yoga course here.

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