How to rebuild core strength after babies – FREE 3 part video training series



Welcome to this 3 part training that will show you how to rebuild core strength after babies. I’m so glad you’re here.


Boring stuff first. Make sure you get the ok with a Dr.  before starting any new exercise program and remember to always listen to your own body when practicing, rest when you need and stop if you feel any pain.


I like to say when practicing yoga, you need to find your edge and press against it.  Not push, press.  If you don’t find your edge you’ll never improve as you’ll be forever hanging out in your comfort zone, but if you find that feeling of discomfort, breathe and press into it, you’ll get stronger and more flexible in no time.


Rebuilding core strength has to be the number 1 area mothers want to work on and it’s no wonder!  But it’s sometimes easy to forget  how amazing this area of our body is for creating life and that we need to give it our time and attention to help it to heal and repair. And know that with enough love and attention it may be even better than it was before children.


So let’s dive straight in.  And let me know if you have any questions!

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