How to make your own ring sling



So I’d completely forgotten that my baby turning 1 and getting on his feet doesn’t actually mean life gets easier.  I’d obviously blocked the 1 year to 18 month experiences with Eamon.


+ I’d forgotten the back-arching tantrums that come from a little person who has a strong opinion and no way to voice it.


+ I’d forgotten about how almost as suddenly as they learn how to use their legs they decide not to use them at the most inconvenient times.


+ I’d forgotten how being ‘on their feet’ actually just makes them want to be on your level all the time – no longer content with playing with things on the floor.


So re-enter the ring sling for saving me when I need to cook dinner/ tidy up / do the groceries/ pretty much everything really.  I do love the ergo for support but it just doesn’t cut it on errands outside the house because it’s too big to cart around just in case.  The ring-sling however is never forgotten.


Always one to want to think “I can make that”, of course I had to learn to make my own and seriously, after realising how simply it is – I have NO CLUE how certain companies can charge so much!


So want to know how to make your own ring sling?


You can download the free ring sling tutorial here. 


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 7.38.37 PM

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