How to induce labour with yoga

Let me give it to you straight. I know you’re OVER being pregnant. Trust me, I get it. The last few weeks of pregnancy last for exactly 10920843493 days… at least that’s what it feels like anyway.

I WISH I could tell you how to induce labour with yoga in a way that would magically make your baby appear. But we should probably get a few things straight first.

  1. Your body knows what it’s doing. And even if that means cooking your baby for longer than 40 weeks. You should probably just try and let it do its thing.
  2. Your body will naturally go into labour when it’s ready. I’ve never met a woman who has been pregnant forever. Honestly, they really do come out eventually.

Okay now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at HOW yoga might actually help with labour induction.

How to induce labour with yoga

Helps create oxytocin

Oxytocin (your body’s love hormone) is what helps labour progress. Have you heard that saying ‘the same feeling that got the baby in there, will get the baby out?’ No? Well it’s true.

So to help encourage labour to start it is a great idea to get yourself in the love bubble and create oxytocin in the body. A gentle yoga practice can be one way to do this. Other ways include; getting a massage, having a spa day, looking through newborn pics of your other children if you have them, making love. Basically anything that makes you feel loved up will get the oxytocin flowing.

Helps baby to get in the right position

The optimal position for your baby to be in for birth is head down with their back curved in the curve your belly. In this position your baby will fit through your pelvis more easily as the back of his/her head will be pressing on your cervix evenly encouraging it to open.

The yoga poses below help to create more space in your body so that baby can move into this position to help yoga to get going and go more smoothly.

Helps to reduce fear and emotional blocks around birth

You probably already know by now that yoga is not just about the physical poses. When it comes to preparing for birth, some of the best benefits come from sitting still meditation.

Meditation can help you to overcome the fear and emotional blocks you have around giving birth, which can also help to induce labour. I’ve worked with many women in the studio who say they’ve found meditation so helpful in learning to trust their body and follow it’s lead. And once they did that, what do you know… the first signs of labour started.

What poses will help induce labour?

I recommend including these five poses daily for your last few weeks of pregnancy. If you want to practice along with me check out my Yoga for birth series which is available here or in my Online Yoga Circle.

how to induce labour

Table top or Bharmanasana (aka hands and knees)

This pose allows the belly to hang freely creating lots of space for baby to move head down into the optimal position for birth. It’s can also help relieve back pain which is very common in this stage of pregnancy.

how to induce labour

Butterfly pose or baddha konasana

This pose is helpful in stretching out the inner thighs and groin which can release tension in the pelvis. However if you have any hip issues like SI pain or SPD, skip this one as it can make these issues worse.

how to induce labour

Kneeling lunge or Anjaneyasana

Lunges help to open up the pelvis and for some babies this is what is needed to help them move into the right position for birth. Why do a kneeling version? 40 weeks pregnant = ain’t nobody got the energy for a stronger version.

how to induce labour

Low squat or malasana

If baby is already in the head down position, this pose can help to open the pelvis so that he/she can move right down into the pelvis ready for labour to start. Again, this pose can aggravate SI and SPD so skip it if you’re suffering from any of those.

how to induce labour

Corpse pose or savasana

I know you’re feeling SO READY for baby to come out, but to be honest THIS is one of the best things poses you can do to prepare yourself for labour and birth. Rest as much as you can, because even though you probably don’t feel like it, your future self who has been up every hour through the night will thank you for it.

If you’re brand new to pregnancy yoga – download my free yoga guide for pregnancy and birth.

Want to prepare yourself further for birth? Learn how your body works and how to work with it for a smoother, less stressful birth. Check out my Yoga Wisdom for Birth course available here or in my Online Yoga Circle.

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