How to holiday at home



The worst part about renovating is it becomes hard to relax in your own home. We often feel guilty when we are just sitting around because we should be doing something… finishing anything. Which is crazy because it’s our home and if you can’t relax here, where can you?


Andrew ended up with a week’s holiday from work this week and whilst it was tempting to spend that time getting stuff done, we decided we both needed a holiday (as much as one can have with two small children anyway.)


The only problem. It’s school holidays and it seemed crazy to actually go anywhere in peak times when maternity leave is the only time we don’t have to take holidays with the rest of the country.


The solution. Holiday at home.




– We designated two days and nights to be ‘holidays’. Which meant no washing, cleaning, renovating or any other job that would not normally be done whilst on holidays.

– We ate out more often than not.

– We took the time to cook up big breakfasts.

– We let the kid run a bit feral (later bedtimes, eating all his easter eggs to his hearts content)

– We went for drives to no where in particular and stopped at lookouts to take pictures.

– We ate breakfast for lunch at hipster cafes.

– We lazed around all afternoon.

– We had prawns for dinner (an Andrew tradition).

– I made it to not one but TWO yoga classes!

– We let the kid spend $20 on games to win 50 cents worth of lollies.

– We went to the beach early armed with coffee and smoothies.


And at the end of the two days ? Andrew got the flu and I’ve got the messiest house you’ve ever seen! Ahhh… holidays…

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  • Haha the downside of holidays is all the mess and cleaning you need to catch up on after. I like the idea of holidaying at home though.

      9 years ago

      Yep! It was definitely cheaper than going away so maybe I can just hire a cleaner?!

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