How to encourage implantation

When you’re trying to conceive lifestyle changes are often focused on improving egg (and sperm) quality, however there are also things we can do to encourage implantation as well.

Successful implantation is thought to be reliant on a number of factors including healthy circulation, endometrial lining and hormonal balance. I will go into further detail about the changes you can make for each of these three areas, but I wanted to start by saying this.

If learning about this in depth feels stressful and overwhelming, like there is far too much to do and at this rate you’ll never get your baby, I want you to STOP.

Instead, focus on creating optimum health in your body, which in turn creates optimum fertility. Instead of getting stressed out by the details – just focus on looking after yourself as best you can. Eat nutritious food. Drink your water. Move your body regularly and manage your stress levels. Those things alone will take you a long way on your road to fertility.

If however you feel you like you want to know more of the specifics to encourage implantation and it doesn’t feel like information overload – let’s dive a bit deeper.

encourage implantation

3 things to focus on to encourage implantation


Healthy circulation has been shown to impact implantation as it plays a significant role in creating healthy endometrial lining. There are a number of things you can do to improve your circulation in order to encourage implantation.

Get your heart rate up.

Getting your blood pumping around your body is key for good circulation. Try a moderate paced walk or a fertility yoga class. I’ve included one specifically to encourage implantation below. If you’re brand new to fertility yoga start by downloading my free guide here.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being in a healthy weight range for your body can positively impact your circulation, as excess weight can restrict blood flow. This is NOT about being a certain size or looking a certain way, especially in relation to society’s current standard for ‘health’. This is about nourishing your body, moving regularly and letting your body settle at its healthy fertile weight.

Practice yoga compression and decompression

Yoga that works to compress and then decompress veins and arteries has been shown to improve circulation. This should be done with a fertility trained teacher or by choosing a class that is created for a specific stage of your cycle as it’s not recommend to compress after ovulation. All of my fertility yoga classes are created with this in mind. Start with my four part series here.

Avoid sitting all day

Sitting all day restricts blood flow around the body. Try to take a break to walk around or practice some chair yoga every hour if you work in a job that requires a lot of sitting.

Quit smoking

I wasn’t sure whether I really needed to include this point here. I figure if you’re looking this far into improving your fertility you’ve probably already worked out that smoking is a terrible idea. But… just in case you haven’t got that message yet. It really is time to quit.

Drink water

Being hydrated improves your circulation, helps flush toxins, gives you energy (so you’re more likely to work out), improves your digestion and more. Plus it’s pretty much free, so you really have no excuse.

Healthy endometrial lining

As I’ve already mentioned healthy endometrial lining is an important factor in implantation and good circulation plays a big role in this. So while all of the above tips will help to improve lining, I thought it was worth mentioning the following points as well.

Herbal supplements

There is increasing research into the benefits of herbal supplements to improve endometrial lining and encourage implantation. I recommend going to see a specialist (a naturopath or a herbalist) to get supplements that are tailored specifically for you, however the following are often prescribed as beneficial for improving endometrial lining – Red clover, Maca root, Raspberry leaf, Rose hips, Vitamin E and L-arginine.


Fertility massage has been shown to improve circulation and endometrial lining in preparation for implantation. While it is beneficial to find someone who is specially trained in fertility massage, you can also practice self massage daily to improve circulation.


Acupuncture has been shown to be beneficial in improving endometrial thickness and successful implantation, especially when combined with other lifestyle changes. Many women that I work with use acupuncture weekly or fortnightly, especially around ovulation and during the two week wait.

Reduce caffeine

While I’m not saying you have to completely quit your morning coffee, you should cut down if you’re drinking excessive amounts as caffeine can impact circulation and hormonal balances in the body.

Balanced hormones

Another factor that you should consider to encourage implantation is doing everything you can to maintain balanced hormone levels.

Balance blood sugar

Blood sugar spikes can impact your body’s hormonal balance. You can maintain a stable blood sugar by eating a low GI diet, eating protein at every meal and not going too long between meals.

Manage your stress

Stress hormones affect your reproductive hormones, which is one reason why it’s recommended you try and relax when you’re tying to conceive (even if it is infuriating to hear). Rather than trying to eliminate all stress, work at finding ways to help you manage your stress. Life will always have stress you just need to find ways to manage it so that it doesn’t negatively affect you.

Eat healthy fats

Healthy fats have been shown to help balance our hormones. Try to include avocados, egg yolks, nuts and seeds in your diet where you can.

Stick to a regular sleep schedule

Staying up too late, or not getting enough sleep can play havoc with your hormones. Try to get to bed before 10pm and sleep for roughly 8 hours each night. (Of course this is not always possible, especially where other children or work schedules get in the way. But do the best you can, whatever your situation.)

Avoid soy and dairy

Soy and dairy have both been linked with hormonal imbalances in women trying to conceive. Try to avoid these foods where you can.

Ditch plastic

Chemicals from plastic leaks into the food and water that we store in them and then mess with the delicate hormonal balance that is our endocrine system. It’s best to swap to glass where you can, especially for hot food and liquid as it appears heat impacts the amount of chemicals released from the plastic.

Swap toxic body and cleaning products

Similarly the chemicals in your body products, make up and cleaning products can also impact your hormones. If you’re experiencing trouble conceiving or other hormonal issues it is recommended that you swap these for natural alternatives.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, this is potentially a LOT of changes to make to encourage implantation. I really want to stress that it’s counter productive to try and do ALL the things and as a result end up so stressed and anxious about it all that you feel like rubbish.

I honestly believe you’re better off trying to FEEL good in your body by looking after yourself well, than stressing about all the things you NEED to do for your fertility.

Fertility is a sign of good health. Strive for health and your fertility will follow.

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  • Alexzandra Inkley
    10 months ago

    Loved the article and the video. We’ve been trying to conceive for 8 years now, and we’re finally cracking down and getting serious about seeking fertility help. I just want to say that your video helped me so much in renewing my hope and femininity for reproducing. Thank you so much. I’ll be back next month if this month proves to be unsuccessful.

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