How to draw a mandala


I’ve become a bit mandala obsessed of late.  They’re currently my favourite thing to draw and whilst Eamon is doing his various ‘decorating’ projects I spend my time mindlessly drawing mandalas. I think that’s their main appeal.  Drawing them is meditative – I’m concentrating so much on trying to get them symmetrical that I don’t have time to think about anything else.  And when you have a brain that typically runs a mile a minute, the silence is… well… golden.

I’ve had quite a few people comment on my drawings on instagram so I thought I’d let you in on a little secret today and show you how to draw a mandala. They are way easier than you think!

What you need –

drawing paper

thin black marker (test it doesn’t bleed on the paper)





Step 1

Starting in the middle of the page, use your compass to draw circles very lightly in pencil (these will be rubbed out later). Keep going until they fill roughly the size you want your mandala.


Step 2.

Place the centre of your protractor over the centre dot and mark degrees all the way around the circles. (A full circle protractor is easier if you have it).



Step 3.

Use a ruler to draw lines through the centre circle connecting your degree markers. You’ve now finished the template to guide your mandala.


Step 4. 

Using a pen (or pencil if you wish to trace over later), start drawing your mandala starting from the inside out.  Do your best to keep each level symmetrical and even. I find it helps  to spin my paper as I go.


Step 5. 

Keep building a different pattern on each circle level until you feel its finished.

IMG_3797  IMG_3799


Ta da! Then all you have to do is erase all the pencil marks and you’re done!

What do you think? Make sure you tag me if you give it a go!

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