How to actually enjoy Christmas as a Mum

I’ve realised all my BIG expectations about this time of year mean that I don’t always enjoy Christmas as a Mum. This year I’m changing that.

enjoy Christmas as a Mum

When I think about the Christmas holidays I imagine….

All the Christmas craft.

Christmas baking.

ALL the social events.

Decorating the house.

Christmas pjs.

Advent calendars.

Santa visits.

I always start out strong, but inevitably by mid-December I’m done.

enjoy Christmas as a Mum

Every year I forget that all of these holiday activities rely on one thing.


I will be the one buying the ingredients, supervising the arguments over whose turn it is to mix and cleaning up afterwards.

I will be the one who buys the craft supplies and deals with the tantrum in the store over the glitter I will not buy because I do not want to be the one cleaning it up for months to come.

I will be the one making sure the Christmas clothes are clean and everyone has shoes on and we have the share plate ready to take to the ‘casual no-stress Christmas drinks’.

Now don’t get me wrong. None of this is me throwing shade on my husband. He’s very present and involved in all of the Christmas madness but he simply doesn’t hold us to the same expectations about this time of year that I do.

If he plans to make something, it’s a spur of the moment idea. Things are planned and bought on the spot and there is no angst or overly-though-out-organisation involved.

Every year I have these grand plans for all the fun stuff we’ll do but I always forget that it’s also the end of the school year and I’m exhausted.

I forget that it’s also December and Australian summers are no joke.

I forget that I get as grumpy as my kids do after a few too many late nights and that attempting craft when I’m cranky-Mum is no fun for anyone.

I forget that on top of all the ‘expected Christmas activities’ my regular list of washing, cooking,
cleaning still needs to be done. [Side note. Why is there no Christmas fairy who comes in to do this for Mums so they can do the fun stuff instead? F*** the elf on the shelf. I want a Christmas fairy.]

I only have myself to blame. No one else is expecting any of these things of me. (Okay, so maybe my
kids are a little bit – but only because I’ve set them up to expect that this is what we do at this time of

What I’m doing this year to actually enjoy Christmas as a Mum

This year I want to try to do things differently. I’m taking the pressure off.

I’m not committing to social events that feel like a maybe. It’s a either YES or a hell no.

I’m outsourcing the clean up to those who want to make the mess in the first place. (Obviously I can
only do this because my kids are getting older and are actually able to help out with the clean up now. In
the past I would just do it myself because it felt easier, but this year – you make it – you clean it.)

I’m making sure there is lots of down time planned. My plans for the first whole week of the
holidays are literally “laze about.”

I’m keeping Christmas gifts really simple. I’m buying a few key things that my kids have mentioned throughout the year, a few things they need and one joint present to share. Gift cards for everyone else. BOOM. Done.

I’m embracing easy made meals and not cooking from scratch. (Hell, who am I kidding? This isn’t just
what I’m doing at Christmas – this is just my life now).

I’m reading all the books. Books are my go to escape. They make me feel like I’m on holidays and unlike social media that don’t make me think about all the things I’m not doing.

I’m keeping up my regular yoga practice throughout December. And yes – I am admitting
that even as a yoga teacher I fall off the wagon as soon as life gets busy.

As you know I’ve had a big break away from my physical yoga practice this year because of all the drama with the house. Now that I’m back in a regular routine (of only ten minutes a day mind you) I’m holding
myself to it. Yoga serves as my daily reminder that all the stuff I stress about are not really the things that matter most. I can just BE without ticking anything off my list and everything will be okaaaay.

So that’s what I’m doing this year to actually enjoy Christmas as a Mum. How are you planning to enjoy this holiday season?

PSSST. Our December community class in the Online Yoga Circle is all about embracing the madness of this season and letting go of feeling like we need to do everything. If you’d like to practice with us you can join us here.

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