How do you divide household chores?!

ugh! Household chores.


The bane of everyone’s life. No one likes doing them and often the (unequal) division of chores becomes a regular topic for argument.


I have to admit, things in our household have been pretty well balanced of late.  (It helps that we have 3 adults here and the share of work is much less).  But it still has to be a conscious decision on all of our parts to pitch in and help, and also to accept that jobs will be done, just not on always our schedule.


Okay… so I’m totally talking about myself here, no one else is working on this acceptance except me.  I usually just jump right in and do things myself because I want stuff clean/ organised/ finished so I can relax and feel like my day is done. But mostly this habit works against me because it means I end up doing more than I should and then feeling resentful which is just crazy because I’ve created the whole problem myself (and in my head no less).


Washing up is our most painful chore, mainly because the house we are renting only has one sink and the smallest of bench space (total first world problems I know) and because I seem to spend most of my day in the kitchen it seems to be what annoys me the most. It really only takes one meal before the entire kitchen feels overloaded with dishes and seems too overwhelming to even tackle.  I dream of the day when we just have to load a dishwasher and I can save energy for everything else I’d rather be doing.


I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t get one in our old place but when there was only two of us it didn’t seem to matter so much.  How one baby makes so much washing up when he can’t even reach the dishes I’ll never know? You can bet a dishwasher is top of my list for our new kitchen.


Pic of the current kitchen in our new place.  It won’t be around for long!


Our new place (14 days ’til handover!) has a dishwasher but we plan to completely rip out the top level including the bathrooms and kitchen before we even move in. It will be literally be Block central here as we try to get it all done in two months (feel free to laugh at our overly ambitious goal!).


In the meantime I’ve been busy dreaming (and pinning) of crisp white and timber.




So tell me, how do you divide household chores and which ones ‘erk’ you the most?

*This post was sponsored by Dishwashing Expert, but all opinions are my own. 

3 Responses to “How do you divide household chores?!

  • No divide, I pretty much do them all, bar for when I nag Justin to do something…anything!

  • MotherDownUnder
    10 years ago

    I am the same as you. I just want things done so I end up doing them myself.
    The one exception is the vacuum…R usually does the vacuum once a week…after I remind him repeatedly that the house needs vacuuming!
    And getting a dishwasher seriously changed my life!

  • Marriage almost seems like a buisenss arrangement then. I think men and women have different strengths and weaknesses and we sort of need to understand that and allow each other to play to them. When a woman looks at a room, it seems to me she can instantly identify three things that should be done. My brain doesn’t turn that way. My wife is terrific at the detailwork, and I am far better at larger tasks that take longer. Equality is a fuzzy phenomena, but happiness and/or contentment is not.References :

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