Healing with reiki



To start writing this post I had to google ‘what is reiki’.   My rational logical brain couldn’t find the words to accurately describe what it actually does and how it works.


Google told me reiki was this …


“a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”


Though I’m not sure that’s enough to describe it accurately either.  All I know is that it helps. The only thing I can compare it to is moving energy out of the body with movement, except it’s supercharged. And it moves energies you may not even know you’re holding onto.


I’ve had a reiki treatment only once before.  Last time I was 38 weeks pregnant with Rory. I came for the treatment mostly out of curiosity, unsure really of what reiki even was.  It blew my mind then, although I am at a loss to remember or explain what it did for me in a way that seems to make sense. I do remember feeling lots of energy around my throat and we spoke of needing to speak up for what I wanted.


This time I went into the session needing healing. I was heavy and emotional, incredibly sad and full of guilt. I woke on Friday morning an emotional mess after no sleep the night before and far too much time to think. Luckily for me my beautiful friend Kate, is an energy worker,  and agreed to fit me in whenever I could make it.


She asked if I wanted a quiet session or whether I wanted to hear what she was feeling. I opted for the latter as I was already crying anyway. She said she felt his presence and that Orion didn’t understand my grief, my sadness. For him, he never left. He was still with me. He is pure love and will always be with me, inside me, all around me. Every time she said his name my whole heart and chest throbbed with energy.


Later I felt like I had a spotlight on my face as energy poured out of the crown of my head and it felt glued to the table. She spoke of feeling like I’d been wearing a concrete helmet and that she felt that I needed to let go of the blame I was holding onto.


Afterwards I felt drained and spacey and spent most of the rest of the day on the couch. But I also felt lighter, like something had shifted. Her words about Orion are comforting, especially when I get caught up in the thinking about all that we’ve lost, of the baby and boy that was ‘meant to be’.  But it is a good reminder to me to stop clinging and judging his life based on the restrictions of the physical world, because I do believe we are souls not bodies.  I do believe that there is more than this and that he is still on his journey, whatever that may be.


I’ve been looking into Wayne Dyer’s book Memories of Heaven and after some of the sad books I’ve been drawn to reading lately this one is really beautiful.  It is full of stories of children who express that they’ve been here before, who tell of choosing their parents from heaven or of meeting past relatives who died before they were even born.  Amazing stuff.


So that’s we’re I am with it all now.  If you’re wanting to shift some energy but can’t get to a reiki session you might want to try this yoga flow for grief and healing.


Have you tried Reiki? Did it help?

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