Guided meditation for fertility – can it help?

Is a guided meditation for fertility going to make you pregnant? Nope. But it will help you stay sane on the potentially long frustrating journey that is struggling to conceive.

During the 12 months that we had 3 losses, I was at my wits end when it came to fertility. I’d read everything. I’d tried everything. I had a twenty-billion step fertility process that I absolutely must follow or I would ruin my chance this month. It was anxiety inducing and fucking exhausting.

It wasn’t until after our 3rd loss and taking a break that I realised it doesn’t have to be this stressful. You can live a really happy, joy-filled life and try to conceive. You can do all the things for fertility, without the over-analysing, debilitating stress that comes with it.

meditation for fertility

How to reduce the stress of TTC with guided meditation for fertility

Know your triggers and be prepared

With all the women I work with, there tends to be specific triggers that come up over the course of a month that make fertility anxiety worse. For some it’s ovulation and the pressure to ‘get it right’. For others it’s the whole two week wait window. Some women really struggle through medical appointments and need support for anxiety during these moments. Use guided meditation for fertility during these moments of extreme stress. They will help to bring you down and help you to know that you can breathe through whatever emotions come up.

Create a daily routine that supports stress reduction

As well as using meditations when life becomes unbearably stressful, I think it’s also worth creating a daily routine that helps to keep you sane. No, this doesn’t mean I want you to adopt a twenty thousand step procedure that you must do everyday. (That just creates more stress). I want you to choose a couple of things that you could reasonably do each day, and that you enjoy doing, and create a daily routine around them. A daily routine helps you to feel stable and grounded when life gets complicated. If fertility meditations are something that you enjoy, consider adding them into a daily routine to get the most benefit.

Prioritise sleep

Sleep is so underrated, especially when it comes to fertility. There have been studies that have found correlations between sleep and the ability to conceive. Even more importantly though, you likely already know how much a lack of sleep impacts your coping ability. If you’re struggling to conceive, having good, quality sleep is so important. It will help you keep your positive attitude even when you get that negative test, or your period arrives, or your neighbour announces she is pregnant – with twins! Guided meditation for fertility is a great tool to use to help you get to sleep, or back to sleep when you wake in the night.

Help you tune into the stages of your cycle

Our menstrual cycle is a key indicator of our overall health and fertility. By following the four stages of our cycle closely we can look after ourselves in a way that can best support our efforts to conceive. If you’re new here, all of my work around fertility is designed to acknowledge the way our energy and needs shift throughout the cycle. Because of this, I’ve created a four part meditation for fertility series that also honours and respects these changing internal seasons. You can practise the fertility meditation for the two week wait below or listen to all four meditations in my Online Yoga Circle membership.

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