Getting pregnant at 40 – it’s not too late

We’re told that getting pregnant at 40 (or later) is near impossible.

Science and statistics would have you believe that your fertility is non-existent after 40 and we’ve all heard the statistic that makes it feel like time is truly running out once you celebrate the big 4 – 0.

But the statistics don’t take into account the fact that we all age differently and that lifestyle factors have a HUGE impact on our ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby.

I work with a lot of women who feel stressed and angry at themselves for waiting too long to start a family. When conceiving doesn’t happen easily many of us are quick to direct our frustration at ourselves. After all, who else can we blame?

All this does is add more anxiety on top of what can already be a stressful experience, which is really not a nice way to live.

getting pregnant at 40

Overcome the feeling that getting pregnant at 40 is impossible

Embrace what is

While it can be tempting to regret the choices you made in your twenties and thirties that have meant you still don’t have a baby in your arms, at some point you’ll need to embrace your life as it is.

Celebrate all the things you did in that time because you didn’t have children yet. Allow yourself to feel positive emotions as you remember those times fondly rather than beating yourself up for how those choices may be affecting you now.

Release the past

You really have two choices here.

You could stay in the negative space of feeling stress and frustration around why you waited so long to try and start a family.

Or you could release what has been and give yourself permission to look forwards without regret.

I know what feels better to me.

Focus on what you want

Call it woo woo. Or call it mirror neurons (no seriously, if you don’t believe in the law of attraction go do some googling on how Science can explain manifestation principles).

But generally, if you focus on how hard getting pregnant at 40 is and how everyone else around you seems to fall pregnant so easily, and how shit this is for you – you’ll see evidence of this everywhere.

Every one around you will fall pregnant on their first try.

You’ll hear all about other women your age who are also struggling.

You’ll start believing that it’s never going to happen for you.

On the other hand…

If you allow yourself to trust that your baby is coming and that you can fall pregnant at 40 – you’ll see proof of THIS everywhere.

You’ll notice the other 40 year old women around you with young babies.

You’ll hear the positive stories

You’ll feel hopeful and positive (and frankly just have a whole lot more fun with this trying to conceive process).

If feeling like time is running out for you and making you feel overwhelmed I’ve created a yoga class (below) to help you out.

In this class we’ll work on releasing the stress of time and we’ll embrace a feeling of trusting the process and letting your body lead the way.

This particular class is for pre-ovulation (after you’ve stopped bleeding and before you ovulate).

If you’d like a class for the other stages of the cycle check out my four part fertility yoga series’ instead – 4 part goodnight series, general 4 part fertility yoga series.

Are you brand new to fertility yoga? Start by downloading my free fertility yoga guide.

2 Responses to “Getting pregnant at 40 – it’s not too late

  • Dear Betina
    Thank you so much for your kind words. You really lifted me here.

    There’s no one to talk to about this, really. Everybody is to judgemental. So I keep it to myself.
    Reading you and your gentle aproach is affirming and reasuring. Thank you so much.

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