From 3 losses to a healthy baby boy – what we did.

3 losses

I get a lot of questions about what we did to go from 3 losses to a healthy baby boy. I wish it were as simple as telling you the ‘one thing’ we did that fixed everything but fertility just isn’t as simple as all that.

Fertility is often more like a jigsaw puzzle and you have to get all the pieces to fit together in exactly the right way (for you) to create a healthy baby.

In this video today I’m sharing the things we did, what I think helped the most and some ideas that might help you as well. Or you can scroll on for the short list of the top things I think we did that made and impact and links to other videos I mention.

What we did:

Took a break

I honestly believe taking a break from trying to conceive helped immensely. It helped us focus on just enjoying life again, gave me a chance to deal with my anxiety and gave us time to get back to being really healthy and ready to conceive again.


I have an amazing counsellor who is trained in Western psychology but is also highly spiritual and works with energy.  She helped me come to realise how much anxiety was playing a role in my life, and also helped me to release the grief and the negative ‘energetic stuff’ I’d been carrying around.


Helped me to come down from anxiety after losing 3 babies and make sure we were eating right to be super healthy overall (as well as fertility)


Also helped with anxiety and stress – I could literally feel it making my body relaxed. My acupuncturist also gave me some herbs to help build my blood levels after being depleted from the three losses.

Yoga / Meditation / Visualisation

I created my own little morning routine that involved yoga, meditation and visualisation for the stage of the cycle that I was in.  This little morning ritual helped me to focus again on the positives and what I wanted to create rather than focusing on the worst case scenario. I share all of these practices in my 28 Day Fertility Yoga Course if you want to learn more.

Started tracking my cycle

I started tracking my cycle more carefully and working more with the different energies of the stages, rather than just being ‘go go go’ all the time.  It really helped me to understand myself so much better as a woman as well.

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