Free Bandanna Dribble Bibs Pattern

With my focus this year changing from ‘doing more’ to ‘sharing more’ it makes sense that I will start to share some of my patterns and tutorials for items that I used to sell in my shop.

Whilst I still love sewing and seeing my creations being enjoyed, the part I love most is the initial creation of a new design or product. I found the repetition of sewing similar items wasn’t satisfying me creatively and after a while I started to dread having to sew.  Which is why I made the decision at the end of last year to wrap up the store (for now) and to focus my efforts more here, on this blog, because this is what makes me happy.

So without further ramblings from me.  Possibly the simplest of all the products I used to make; the bandanna dribble bib.  Perfect for babies 3 months to 18 months, as the snaps make them easily adjustable.

You can make yours without a snap press tool but if you are going to make a lot of baby clothes they are definitely worth the $35.  I purchased mine here before I had a baby and when I thought making hundreds of cloth nappies was a good idea.

What you need:
Bandanna Dribble Bibs Pattern
1 piece of absorbent material (fleece or terry toweling)
1 piece cotton
Press studs and tool

1. Pin pattern on fold and cut 1 piece of absorbent backing and 1 piece of your feature colour.

This is what your cut out pieces should look like.

2. Pin pieces right sides together and sew together starting at the top of the bib.  Leave a small gap of approximately 3cm to turn out the right way.

3. Turn right way out and top stitch close to the edge to ensure you catch and close the small gap.

4. Use the tool or follow instructions on the packet to put a stud on one side and three sockets on the other. Be careful you check which way they are facing to make sure you don’t have to twist the bib for them to meet.

And it’s as simple as that!

If you have a super dribbler you can add a layer of PUL which has a water resistant backing and is used in most modern cloth nappies.

Then all you need to do is convince a cute baby to model for you!

If you make one be sure to share; leave me a link, tag me on Facebook, Instagram, etc !





10 Responses to “Free Bandanna Dribble Bibs Pattern

  • Ingrid Krisann
    10 years ago

    Thanks Bettina. I was about to contact you to see if you made these as we have a super dribbler on our hands. I am now going to give this a crack myself….with your help – Thank you. I will send a photo of the final product 🙂

    Ingrid & Katia x

  • Where did you get the tool to do the press studs? I have been asked to sew some cloth nappies and was thinking I could use press studs instead of Velcro that the tutorial suggested.

  • littleoldsouls
    10 years ago

    Yep the studs are far better for nappies, not as scratchy! Got it here for $35, you can buy the studs here too.

  • Hi, I would like to know where the press stud is from? I followed links but the website cannot be found. Thanks.

  • What measurement is the dribble bib pattern please do you have a template for it by any chance?

      9 years ago

      Hi Deb. What do you mean? You can download the pattern and as long as you check the scale it should fit most babes 3 months to 18 months as it has adjustable snaps.

  • Lorraine Noisette
    9 years ago

    Can you help me with the measurement for the bandanna dribble bib please.

      9 years ago

      Lorraine the bandanna bibs are adjustable so I’m not sure what measurement you mean.

  • Danielle
    8 years ago

    I subscribed and everything and it is asking for a password so i can get the pattern…

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