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    Hi everyone

    I’m only on week one and just done the opening circle about to dive in. So what has bought me here? I feel its a calling I am scared and unconfident to start out but a fire burns bright inside me and I know I want and can do this…. I had prenatal depression and anxiety and a traumatic birth followed by looking back now un diagnosed PTSD and have found becoming a mother incredibly hard! my relationship with myself and my partner has massively suffered and childhood trauma has come to hit me in the face. my daughter who also nearly died 6hours after birth will be three on the 22nd December and I’ve had to do massive amounts of shadow and internal work to find my fire fine myself and heal. I started a pregnancy yoga course when i was pregnant but due to my depression and after math I never completed it but now here I am with the space the time and the energy to make my dreams come true. Push past my fear and know my truth that I can do this and I want to share and grow a community around me 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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