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    Bettina Rae

    Use this thread to ask any questions about week 1 content.

    Bettina Rae

    You have a new student to your pregnancy yoga classes. How would you summarise in a couple of sentences what they need to be aware of in pregnancy classes to practise safely?


    Here is my summery. Please let me know if I missed something.

    This class is made to be safe and feel good during pregnancy but every woman is different so It’s extra important to listen to your body when your pregnant, if a position doesn’t feel good for you take a step back and rest. Please let me know after class so I can help you with some adjustments for next time. When pregnant is not the time to push ourselves, you can see yoga as time to slow down and take care of yourself. Be careful not to overheat, drink a lot of water and slow down if you’re feeling hot. Remember to take it slow so you don’t get dizzy getting in and out of positions.

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    Bettina Rae

    Wonderful Anna!

    Tegan McIntosh

    Sorry, catching up on my homework now!

    This is what I had worked through for Week 1, Q5.

    1. Which trimester are they in?
    2. Are they experiencing any issues in their body at the moment?
    3. How are they feeling in their body at the moment?
    4. Teach: gentle flow, posture focus, rest and turning inwards, focus on breath work, and perhaps building stamina for birth (2nd and 3rd trimesters). If 1st trimester or 3rd trimester, focus more on restorative poses.
    5. Avoid: strong backbends, closed/deep twists, inversions, holding standing poses for too long, lying on the belly, strong abdominal work
    6. Be aware of blood pressure changes throughout the body, therefore be aware of postural changes too quickly.
    7. Be aware of overstretching the body (due to relaxin hormone)
    8. Ask them to drink plenty of water
    9. Don’t let the room get too hot (turn on aircon earlier)
    For the student:
    Welcome to this yoga class. Do you mind if I ask how far along your pregnancy you are? Have you been feeling good in your body, or having any issues? Today we will be focusing on these xyz poses, please feel free to choose what feels good for your body. I would suggest that we modify xyz planned poses (depending on trimester guidelines), and we will modify by…. Please let me know if at any point you feel warm or light headed. And please drink plenty of water throughout the class.



    My summary for a new student to a pregnancy class: It would be a casual questionnaire style chat 🙂
    Welcome to this class, can I ask what trimester you are in? How are you feeling today? Do you have any medical/pregnancy related conditions that I should know about before we begin? Is this your first pregnancy? You are encouraged to stop, rest and have a drink of water at any time you need to, and remember to listen to your body first, I will let you know along the way any modifications that suit your trimester. And lastly enjoy the class!

    Elaine Byrne

    Start the session by welcoming new memebers while we warm up. On week one I would start by introducing myself and tell the group a little about myself and then ask each lady to introduce herself, just as an icebreaker and to help all our ladies relax and hopefully connect as a group.
    Just little points about themselves eg. how far along they are in pregnancy? Is this their first pregnancy? Rather than asking the ladies publically if the are experiencing any issues in their bodies advise the group that if it is the case they are having any issues they are free to share it with the group at the start of class or come to me before class if they would prefer a more private conversation. Congratulate all ladies!!!
    Once the icebreakers are done then move on to encourage them to get to know each other, connect with one another and become almost like a support system as they are all going through this journey at the same time. Remind them that no two pregnancies are the same and that sharing their own experiences can really be helpful, also some will be first time mammies and others will have done this before and their knowledge and experience could really be beneficial for other ladies to hear about.
    Then Briefly explain to the group that this week we will be focusing on XYZ poses and what these poses will help with (eg. breathing techniques, build stamina, create space for baby etc).
    Advise students that if at any stage they are finding a pose too much, are experiencing pain or discomfort or even dizzyness, stop what you are doing take a break, let me know have a drink of water and rest or I can give them a modification to try if they wish. and also remind the ladies to drink plenty of water throughout the class and explain we are not here for a high intensity workout this is a gentle class designed to help prepare them physically and mentally for child birth not for getting a six pack (very light hearted reminder trying to relax the group further)!
    Ask the ladies then to take a deep breath in relax and begin to connect with their own bodies and really start to listen to their bodies, connect with baby, relax and enjoy the class.

    Hopefully this makes sense 🙂

    Alejandra Chamorro

    Welcome my new student and ask if there is anything they want me to be aware of, what trimester they are in and if they have done yoga before. Then reassure them that the goal is to really be present and listen to their bodies, the goal isn’t to push our bodies. Even though we will be doing poses that are safe for mama and baby, every body and each pregnancy is different so it is more important to stop and drink a sip of water or use extra props if that is what your body needs, than it is to do exactly what others in the class are doing.

    Ekaterina Gregg

    Hi Bettina and ladies,

    Here’s my summary for the 1st weeks Module.

    I will start my class with sharing circle. After the sharing circle, I will add:

    I would like to remind you that this class is not the time for you to start building your strength or flexibility.
    It’s the time to slow down, connect to your body and the baby you are growing inside. Connect with the like-minded women you are surrounded by right now.
    This class will allow you to release tension and build stability physically and mentally.

    If you’ve been practicing regularly, try and tone down your practice. It’s is not the time to push yourself, so please listen to your body and take it slow. Use the props whenever needed.

    If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort or dizziness anytime throughout the class, please take a break and let me know if I can help in any way.

    Take as many breaks as you need and keep hydrated.

    And don’t forget to breath! Deep breathing is a great tool for connecting with your baby, your body and mind!

    Breath, relax and enjoy the class!

    Bettina Rae

    This is a perfect explanation to begin your class Kate. 🙂


    My summary for a new Yoga Mum! I will talk to her on her own, as I would probably do drop in classes.

    Hi, its great to see you here today. How are you feeling?
    Just wanted to go through some easy questions with you.
    – which trimester are you in?
    – is this your first pregnancy/baby?
    – any pre existing conditions?

    A note for you, make sure you stay hydrated throughout the class and rest when ever you feel too much strain on your body or dizziness.
    Listen to your body, as you will know what’s good for you.
    Feel free to ask any questions.
    Enjoy the class!


    Hi Ladies

    Here is my summary for week one Module one: You have a new student to your pregnancy yoga classes. How would you summarise in a couple of sentences what they need to be aware of in pregnancy classes to practise safely?  

    I would speak to the mother before the class and ask her some simple question such as :

    Firstly how is she feeling today?
    Is this her first pregnancy?
    What trimester is she? or how many weeks pregnant is she?
    Has she practised yoga before?
    If so does she have a regular practise?
    Does she have any pre existing conditions I need to know about?

    I would open the class with a circle I would share a little about myself and then read out a little poem. I would then do a ice breaker and ask that everyone introduce themselves explain that we are all here to support each other on this incredible journey to motherhood. What is said in the this circle stays in this circle be free to be as open as you want and share as much or little as you want. I would go first to help break the ice.

    After the ice breaker I would talk to the class and explain that pregnancy yoga is not about having a strong practise and doing the splits its about connecting with your baby, building strength and preparing our minds and body for the birth of our child. If you have a regular practice of yoga now is the time to slow down to re-connect with our breath and mediations and listen to what our body needs. We produce the hormone relaxin when we are pregnant which increases the elasticity of our ligaments to make room for our growing baby! this can make it easier for us to cause injury if we push ourselves and stretch to much! I’m here to keep you safe and guide you through soft poses and movements to help quiet our minds and give us some me time. It’s important to stay hydrated during the class and stop and take breaks as often as you need also use the props whenever you need them too. Ask any questions no question is a silly question I’m here to support and guide you throughout, remember to breath and enjoy.

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