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    Bettina Rae

    How do you want women to feel after a fertility yoga class with you? What do you believe is most important?


    I want women to feel light, free open, relaxed.
    I believe what is most important for our clients is so they learn to connect with their body and to be comfortable with where they are in their journey

    I am just wondering I really enjoy teaching restorative yoga. could you teach restorative yoga during all four phases of the cycles?

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    I would want women to feel a sense of connection, to themselves, their body, the earth and to other women, that they aren’t alone on a path that can feel really isolating.
    also those beautiful post yoga feels of peace and calm

    Catherine Elderton

    I want women to feel connected with their bodies and to feel they are gaining an insight into how their bodies feel during their cycle. To feel comfort and support from within/others. To be able to surrender to where they are on their fertility journey and to still feel hopeful. I also want women to feel safe in the movement they are doing and know that the Asana we practise is specific to the female body with our cycle & fertility in mind.

    Bettina Rae

    Love all of these intentions. Thank you for sharing ladies. Yes Lisa you can do restorative yoga during all phases, the only thing you might avoid is belly compression during relevant stages.


    Hi Everyone!
    In my fertility specific yoga class I would want women to feel empowered, be able to feel relaxation and connectivity to their body. I would hope over time to gradually increase the amount of forgiveness and self love.

    Bettina Rae

    I love this Robin. Forgiveness and self love is something my fertility clients often struggle with.


    I want my students to feel a moment of reconnection to self, without the focus on fertility. Hopefully having more subtle intents to bring them back to feeling they can live in the moment, they are strong and begin to regain trust in their bodies. To embody their true spirit again. My biggest concern is my practice is quite dynamic and goes against a lot of the ideas of contraindicated poses. However, my patients/students consistently conceive and I have had students with large numbers of follicles sneak into class and have amazing results in their IVF cycles. I’m just not sure the yoga world would agree.


    I really would like that my students feel more relaxed after a course with me. I really know how hard the emotions can be and I really want that my yoga classes feel like a time and space to let them breathe. I also really would like that they feel a connexion with their own body, understand how it works, what they can do to work with it all along the different stages and feel in power about it. In a fertily journey, I know that it’s really easy to loose this connexion.

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