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Hi Ladies

Here is my summary for week one Module one: You have a new student to your pregnancy yoga classes. How would you summarise in a couple of sentences what they need to be aware of in pregnancy classes to practise safely?  

I would speak to the mother before the class and ask her some simple question such as :

Firstly how is she feeling today?
Is this her first pregnancy?
What trimester is she? or how many weeks pregnant is she?
Has she practised yoga before?
If so does she have a regular practise?
Does she have any pre existing conditions I need to know about?

I would open the class with a circle I would share a little about myself and then read out a little poem. I would then do a ice breaker and ask that everyone introduce themselves explain that we are all here to support each other on this incredible journey to motherhood. What is said in the this circle stays in this circle be free to be as open as you want and share as much or little as you want. I would go first to help break the ice.

After the ice breaker I would talk to the class and explain that pregnancy yoga is not about having a strong practise and doing the splits its about connecting with your baby, building strength and preparing our minds and body for the birth of our child. If you have a regular practice of yoga now is the time to slow down to re-connect with our breath and mediations and listen to what our body needs. We produce the hormone relaxin when we are pregnant which increases the elasticity of our ligaments to make room for our growing baby! this can make it easier for us to cause injury if we push ourselves and stretch to much! I’m here to keep you safe and guide you through soft poses and movements to help quiet our minds and give us some me time. It’s important to stay hydrated during the class and stop and take breaks as often as you need also use the props whenever you need them too. Ask any questions no question is a silly question I’m here to support and guide you throughout, remember to breath and enjoy.

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