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Hi Everyone!
I am Robin, I am from Canada.
My relationship with my period has been varied, my mother is a registered Nurse so growing up me and my siblings were educated on the scientific facts of menstruation and puberty. I was very young when I first got my period, just nine years old. I remember my mother being very neutral about it, but later on in life she shared with me that it made her feel sad that I had to deal with it that early in life.
Some beliefs that have been passed down are regarding safety with using feminine protection (don’t wear tampons at night) and such. I was on birth control from a younger age. I have a seven year old son who I had in my teens.
Over the past year me and my partner have been having fertility struggles, including doing the hormones and painful tests and having those feelings of disappointment every time I would get my period. Lately it has made me feel sad, and since taking the fertility medications it has been more painful and just overall awful to deal with!

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