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Catherine Elderton

Hi All!
I’m Cat, thank you Bettina and everyone for sharing your stories.
My relationship with my cycle was pretty non existent really until I started trying to conceive and then it became obsessive. It was a rocky road! I discovered I had endometriosis through fertility investigations. I was older when my husband and I started trying, we ‘fell’ pregnant immediately and miscarried just as quickly and then didn’t become pregnant again. I experienced a lot of anxiety, disappointment and sadness during this time. I now have a wonderful 2 year old through IVF and am ever so grateful for her. I’m drawn to this work because of my own past fertility struggles and also because I have always turned to yoga to help me through difficult times, however, when I was struggling to get pregnant I worried about EVERYTHING. What I ate, what exercise I did, could I do that headstand? was it safe to do a fast practise, I mean everything! I didn’t know about fertility yoga then and nor did my yoga teacher so I want to be able to provide a safe, comforting space for women who perhaps felt like me. Where they can enjoy the benefits of yoga without worry.
The more I dive into cycle work, and I totally recommend others to read Period Power by Maisie Hill, the more I realise the potential this work has for all women and I want to be able to pass on a positive story around our menstrual cycle, creativity and fertility to my daughter.

I’m so excited about this course and happy to be going on this journey with other women in this group.

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