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Kaitlin Fletcher

No questions but wanted to say that this absolutely resonates with how I ‘endeavour’ to live my life and if anything, this has given me a push to hold myself more accountable; particularly when it comes to slowing down and resting during menstruation. I don’t think I am alone in saying that I struggle with this, particularly as my work in nursing and health compliance is very masculine in that we ‘do, do, do’ and being a Woman I ‘give, give, give.’

I will be focusing more on the slow now and giving myself time to rest and reset. This module has reinforced my excitement in doing this course, as it completely aligns with how I feel about the menstrual cycle in general and how powerful it is for a myriad of reasons. It has taken me years to come to the realisation and the knowledge that menstruation in itself is not the ‘end’ but also the beginning of the cycle and this has been absolutely intrinsic in my healing through years of fertility issues.

Bring on Module 2! Thanks so much Bettina…..loving this already (of course!)
Namaste xx

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