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Here are my class suggestion

Type of class: A mix of restorative and alignment focus
Length: 1,5h
Students: 12 students second and third trimester, one student whith SI instability/pain
Class focus: connect with your body and its place in nature, connecting whit your inner instincts of the mother. Also focus on upper back stress relief, alignment and pelvic floor.
Class theme: Dare to connect with the mother within and your body, find alignment and release stress.

Asana plan:

Seated ujaji breath
Pelvic circles – mantra i connect to the wisdom of my self, my body and all mothers before me

Warm up
Seated spinal flexes/ seated cat cow
Shoulder rolls
Neck rolls

Class focus
Molasana- pelvic floor aweness
Forward fold
Half lift
Mountain pose- alignment
Warrior 1 with spinal flex
Triangle pose
Goddess pose
Warrior 1 with spinal flex
Triangle pose
Goddess pose
Forward fold

Warm down
Table top -alignment
Pelvic tilts
Melting heart
Child’s pose- Deep belly breathing
Seated twist
Shavasana With mother moon meditation

End class with mantra singing, Ma

Note to self: SI pain modifications half molasana on bolster, mountain pose with spinal flex instead of warrior 1, chair pose instead of goddess pose.

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