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Elaine Byrne

Type of Class: Yoga for Birth
Length: 1 Hour
Students: 10
Focus: Relieve Leg and Back Pain- Discuss pelvic floor, alignment and listening to the body.

Asana Plan: Affirmation:
Intro: Cat Cow I am healthy and strong and my baby grows happily
Child’s pose
Happy Baby Pose

Warm up: Mantra:
Reverse Pigeon Ong namo guru dev namo
Seated Twist
Reclined Spinal twist

Class Focus: Pranayama:
Hamstring strectch Ujjayi
seated twist
pelvic tilts
happy baby

Warm Down: Visualisation:
Reclined Spinal twist Visualisation for relaxation
Leg stretches
Seated Pelvic Circles
Side Lying Dancer Pose

Meditation: Mudra:
Yoga Nidra Yoni Mudra

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