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Elaine Byrne

Start the session by welcoming new memebers while we warm up. On week one I would start by introducing myself and tell the group a little about myself and then ask each lady to introduce herself, just as an icebreaker and to help all our ladies relax and hopefully connect as a group.
Just little points about themselves eg. how far along they are in pregnancy? Is this their first pregnancy? Rather than asking the ladies publically if the are experiencing any issues in their bodies advise the group that if it is the case they are having any issues they are free to share it with the group at the start of class or come to me before class if they would prefer a more private conversation. Congratulate all ladies!!!
Once the icebreakers are done then move on to encourage them to get to know each other, connect with one another and become almost like a support system as they are all going through this journey at the same time. Remind them that no two pregnancies are the same and that sharing their own experiences can really be helpful, also some will be first time mammies and others will have done this before and their knowledge and experience could really be beneficial for other ladies to hear about.
Then Briefly explain to the group that this week we will be focusing on XYZ poses and what these poses will help with (eg. breathing techniques, build stamina, create space for baby etc).
Advise students that if at any stage they are finding a pose too much, are experiencing pain or discomfort or even dizzyness, stop what you are doing take a break, let me know have a drink of water and rest or I can give them a modification to try if they wish. and also remind the ladies to drink plenty of water throughout the class and explain we are not here for a high intensity workout this is a gentle class designed to help prepare them physically and mentally for child birth not for getting a six pack (very light hearted reminder trying to relax the group further)!
Ask the ladies then to take a deep breath in relax and begin to connect with their own bodies and really start to listen to their bodies, connect with baby, relax and enjoy the class.

Hopefully this makes sense 🙂

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