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Here is my thoughts about how i would teach and provide the information. I would put in some bits and pieces throughout the course. For example I would do keep ups/ goddess pose or chair pose one time each class to practise stamina over time. I would do fear release meditations in different variations for multiple classes in the course because I think fear is a recurring feeling during pregnancy. I would talk about the benefits of ujaji breath and deep belly breathing before we meditate. I would drop information about how the baby is passing through the birth canal during labour when we do tabletop and talk about ideal positions for birth, and in the same time encourage movement in tabletop position to practice finding out what movements the body needs during labour. Maybe I also would have one class that focus more on birth where I provide more information (a bit like your yoga wisdom for birth) and we would practise stamina positions, deep relaxation and different breathing techniques (deep belly breathing and bee breath)

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