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Hello. I would like to share my yoga for birth class plan. Please let me know if there are any changes you think would improve it, or switching the order of the class to make it flow better. 🙂

Begin with a opening and welcome to class chat to briefly explain the class, ensure that everyone is feeling well and okay to practice, and to ask any questions now/during/after class.
Then move into a meditation which connects mum and baby, begins to relax mum into the class and some visualisations for birth.
Move into a couple restorative, supported poses, following by a couple of sitting poses to relieve any aches/pain in legs.
Then progress into tabletop poses, knee lunges, squats and warriors. During this section I would provide information about the pelvic inlet and outlet, creating space and alignment, so that the body is opening and allowing optimal positioning of the baby, all while building stamina to assist at birth.
A long supported/restorative savasana will follow with a guided meditation for releasing fear/anxiety around birth.
Lastly, we would practise a few breath work techniques to assist during labour, including Bee breath and Ujjaji.
Finish formal class but encourage a discussion around self-care to increase oxytocin, the role of the partner/doula/midwife in labour, massage, rest and meditation in preparation and during birth.

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