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Tegan McIntosh

Sorry, catching up on my homework now!

This is what I had worked through for Week 1, Q5.

1. Which trimester are they in?
2. Are they experiencing any issues in their body at the moment?
3. How are they feeling in their body at the moment?
4. Teach: gentle flow, posture focus, rest and turning inwards, focus on breath work, and perhaps building stamina for birth (2nd and 3rd trimesters). If 1st trimester or 3rd trimester, focus more on restorative poses.
5. Avoid: strong backbends, closed/deep twists, inversions, holding standing poses for too long, lying on the belly, strong abdominal work
6. Be aware of blood pressure changes throughout the body, therefore be aware of postural changes too quickly.
7. Be aware of overstretching the body (due to relaxin hormone)
8. Ask them to drink plenty of water
9. Don’t let the room get too hot (turn on aircon earlier)
For the student:
Welcome to this yoga class. Do you mind if I ask how far along your pregnancy you are? Have you been feeling good in your body, or having any issues? Today we will be focusing on these xyz poses, please feel free to choose what feels good for your body. I would suggest that we modify xyz planned poses (depending on trimester guidelines), and we will modify by…. Please let me know if at any point you feel warm or light headed. And please drink plenty of water throughout the class.


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