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Hi, my namn is Anna and i,m 32 years old. Thank you for your stories, they touched my heart. I live in sweden so I hope my english is ok.

I have two children, one four years old and one four months old. My first pregnancy happened whiteout even trying even though we wanted a baby, the pregnancy was wonderful with just a little nausea. I did a little yoga and some profylax breathing exercises but when I went into labour I wasn’t prepared for the pain at all, I lost control and wasn’t present in my mind. After I got a second degree tare and the pain while stitching was worse then the pain of labour and I feel that I missed out of the happy moment when my baby come up to my chest for the first time. After the love for my baby was amazing even though I had much to learn a about being a mother.

When It was time for my second child I found out that it was much harder to get pregnant this time. And because of that I found Bettinas fertility yoga And it gave me hope and I learned much about my body. While trying I got pregnant and miscarried but thanks to Bettina I think that I handled it well even though I was sad of course. A couple of months later I got pregnant again and this time all went well. I practiced Bettinas classes throughout the pregnancy (witch also where an ok pregnancy but which SI pain this time). When I went into labour for the second time I was prepared. It was a wonderful experience and I felt so present, this time I did not tare and enjoyed the first happy moment with my new baby. I have healed quickly and felt like myself short after giving birth. It is wonderful to be a mother of two.

I’m not a yoga teacher yet but want to be in the future, now I’m a preschool teacher and do a lot of yoga with the kids there. I have practised yoga for a about 8 years now. Because I love Bettinas teachings and want to share them her in Sweden I decided that this would be the first step to become a yoga teacher.

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