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Christina Barrera

Hey everyone!
I am Christina and I have been teaching yoga for 3 years now and I have been practicing it for much longer (started when I was 18). I will be 33 years old in one week. I came across Bettina’s videos after we had a miscarriage last Summer. On our 10 week ultrasound, there was no heartbeat. Had a d&c the day after. It was all very overwhelming and hard to understand because at the same time I had 5 close friends who were also pregnant. They all have their baby by now. So the past months have been a crazy wild rollercoaster.. and not the fun kind of rollercoaster.

Bettina’s story, book, yoga sessions and meditations have helped me a lot at times where I had no idea what to do. I cannot express in words my gratitude. Her videos and book have helped me to work through the grief. Still now, I turn to her videos whenever I have rough day. (The Mother’s day video was wonderful by the way.. Thank you again!)

We have been trying to conceive again since September last year but unfortunately, it is not going as smoothly like that first time. Last year we got pregnant within the first week of not using protection. Now I am on progesterone because my hormone levels are still a bit off. But I have trust and I know that it will happen. And in the meantime, I try to focus as much as possible to the things that I do have.

The reason why I signed up for the teacher training is because
1) I always kinda freak out when a pregnant woman joins my hatha or yin/yang class. I have only such little knowledge of what to do and what not. So hopefully this training will give me more confidence to welcome them in my regular classes! I would also love to start teaching pregnancy and post natal yoga classes.

2) For my own practice. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, I was incredibly insecure to practice. I kept on teaching 4 classes a week (mainly hatha) and demonstrating asana and I actually did not feel good about that at all. I also felt extremely guilty after the miscarriage for that reason.

Soooo that’s my story! I am really looking forward to get to know the group better and to learn more about this one (still very unknown) side of yoga <3

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