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Hello ladies. Before I share my story I just want to thank you Bettina for sharing yours so beautifully.
My pregnancy journey started quite quickly. We decided to start trying around Feb 2018 and I was pregnant by May 2018. Luckily my pregnancy was a wonderful experience. I didn’t get very sick or crave wacky foods! By about 30 weeks in a scan it was clear that she was breech. So I tried some exercises at home but she had really set up camp in my belly and was not going to move. At around 37 weeks the doctors carried out an ECV on me (which is where they try to flip the baby manually). This was an extremely painful experience and I would not do it again if given the option. Oh, and it didn’t work. About a week later I started going into labour after a night of really mild contractions which I thought were just braxton hicks. Because she was still breech, I was booked in for an emergency c-section the following day. During the wait at the hospital, my waters broke and I ended up being about 4cm dilated by the time I went in for the birth. The c-section surgery itself was a good experience, I remember being overwhelmed with emotion and very scared but everything went smoothly. Once she was born, I spent the whole night awake with her just trying to figure out what to do, how to breastfeed and staring at her. I had to ask a nurse how to swaddle her and change her nappy because I just wasn’t prepared. A couple memorable shocks to the system after giving birth was the pain I felt when my milk came in, and the c-section recovery was far more intense than I expected. I had many tears, and sleepless nights but pure love for her outweighed it all.

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