Focusing on positives.

I‘ve written here before about how I feel about going back to work and whilst in many ways I still feel conflicted, I’ve realised I really have only two choices. 

I can look at teaching (which I really do enjoy by the way I just know how much energy it requires) as something I ‘have’ to do. Which will probably mean I will approach it in that way, dragging my feet and wasting my energy on feeling negative.
Or I can see the two and a half days of work for the positives that they are…
A significant contribution to the lifestyle we enjoy as a family. 
Two and a half days where I get to almost be the old me. (Almost). 
Adult and almost-adult interaction (I teach teenagers).
Two and a half days that will probably make me realise even more how precious the four and a half days I have at home with Eamon are. 
A reason to wear nice clothes again. 
Days I can possibly wear white and not get sticky stains on (oh who am I kidding I’m the one who makes the stains!)
Coming home to roses after my first day back.
Coffee shop coffee without having to buy a babycino as well (yes we have a coffee shop on campus – lucky much?!). 
Friends! (My good friend from uni is starting teaching at the same school). 
An excuse to buy new stationery – Don’t judge, it’s a teacher thing. 
Being able to have weekends again that actually feel like a weekend – and yes my weekend will run from Thursday to Sunday but that’s ok right?
After work yoga that mainly consisted of staring at the sky and Eamon ‘surfing’ on my back whilst I attempted to stretch out pigeon pose.  


So far I’ve had two full on student free days back in preparation for the kids returning next week.  And whilst I literally came home on Wednesday unable to form coherent sentences (it was a major brain overload after 2 years of leave) I left feeling really positive about everything.  

Yes, my pep-talk to myself (above) probably helped but so too did the fact that this school is filled with the most friendly group of people.  Everyone seemed genuinely pleased to be back at work and compared to walking into a rural school and having very little support (because you are often the only one teaching your subject) this school is over-flowing with resources and people to help! 

Yes, I’ve got three huge textbooks to read over the weekend, a whole stack of new data on kids to get my head around and a thousand new acronyms (what is it with government departments and acronyms!?) to learn; but I’m choosing not to focus on that.

Not when the positives are so much brighter.  What positives can you focus on today?


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  • Add to the list: at the end of a day at work, your child runs at you and throws themselves into your arms. Jarvis does this to me every time I go to work, he hugs and pats me n the back saying “Mummum” over and over… it is nice to be missed

  • MotherDownUnder
    10 years ago

    I second Julie…time away makes time together so much sweeter.

  • littleoldsouls
    10 years ago

    Thanks Julie I will! x

  • littleoldsouls
    10 years ago

    I’ve definitely been more keen to just play with him today after three days without him. Who cares that the house is a bomb!

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