Five pregnancy yoga postures to practice each morning

For many women pregnancy becomes one of the best reasons to take really good care of yourself. A morning routine (that doesn’t just involve scrolling instagram for 45 minutes) can be a great way to set yourself up for a happy, healthy day.

I’ve written before about the things I think make for a great morning routine, but today I want to specifically share these five pregnancy yoga postures with you. They are suitable for all trimesters, so no matter where you are in your pregnancy you can start practicing them straight away.

These particular poses will help to create space but also stability in your pelvis. (You want your pelvis open to allow baby to move through freely during birth, but also stable so that you don’t have painful conditions like SI or SPD)

Try to hold each pose for five full deep belly breaths. (Breathe in through the nose, fill your belly as much as you can and then slowly exhale all of the air out of your nose.)

** If this is your first time practicing pregnancy yoga I recommend you download my free pregnancy yoga guide first. This will help you to stay safe and not cause any injuries while you practice **

Practice these 5 pregnancy yoga postures

Wall squat

pregnancy yoga postures

Benefits – strengthens the muscles that support the pelvis, helps to build physical and mental stamina in preparation for birth, great pose to practice breathing into the belly for birth

Bring your back into towards the wall and start to sit down using the wall as support.

Take the feet away from the wall at hip distance until you feel sensation in the legs. (Ideally you’d come to thighs parallel to the floor, but you may need to work up to this over time).

Breathe in deeply through the nose and fill the belly.

As you exhale soften the shoulders away from the ears, relax the neck and face.

Try to let release all tension in the upper body.

Goddess pose

pregnancy yoga postures

Benefits – strengthens quads, inner thigh and glutes (all help to support the pelvis), helps to build physical and mental stamina for birth, great pose to practice pelvic floor awareness and strengthening.

Take the feet wide and turn the toes out.

Inhale and lift the spine long.

Exhale as you bend the knees and come low into this squat.

Rest the hands into the thighs, but try to keep the shoulders and face relaxed.

Inhale and breathe into the belly.

Exhale and lift the pelvic floor muscles in and up towards the midline.

Inhale and release the pelvic floor.

Repeat for another five breaths.

Seated wide leg forward fold

pregnancy yoga postures

Benefits – creates space in the pelvis, stretches groin and inner thigh muscles, great pose to bring awareness to good posture

Come to sit either flat on the floor or on a rolled blanket, mat, or bolster.

Take both feet out as wide as you can.

As you inhale gentle draw the toes back towards you.

Exhale and press the sit bones and thighs into the floor.

Inhale feel the spine lift and lengthen towards the ceiling.

Exhale and drop the shoulders away from the ears.

Repeat for five full breaths.

Kneeling lunge

pregnancy yoga postures

Benefits – stretches front of the hip and groin to help create mobility in the pelvis

From table top position step one foot forward. Keep the back knee grounded for support.

Your hands can either be on the floor or up on blocks.

As you inhale lift the chest and lengthen through your spine.

As you exhale gently lean your weight forward into the front foot.

Hold for five breaths and then repeat on the opposite side.

Pigeon pose

pregnancy yoga postures

Benefits – creates space in hips and pelvis, stretches inner thigh and groin, helps to calm and ground the nervous system (reduce anxiety!) , great pose to take the time to connect with your baby.

From tabletop pose, bring your right knee behind your right wrist. Tuck the right foot in towards your groin to make space for your belly.

Stretch the left leg out behind you. If this stretch feels too much, bring a blanket or bolster underneath your right hip so that you relax into the support. 

Inhale, feel length in your spine and shine your chest open.

As you exhale walk the hands forward and bring the chest down towards the floor. You can either rest the head on your stacked fists, or bring a bolster underneath the chest for support.

Hold for five breaths then repeat with the opposite leg forward.

After your practice these five pregnancy yoga postures I’d recommend you take five minutes to sit or lie in meditation. Focus on your breath and bring your awareness to your baby within your womb. This is a beautiful way to end your yoga practice and your morning routine.

If you practice these yoga poses and feel like sharing, I love to see where you guys practice at home. Take a pic and tag me on insta. (@bettinarae)

If you prefer to practice with me on video check out my youtube channel for more pregnancy classes.

4 Responses to “Five pregnancy yoga postures to practice each morning

  • Abigail Olsen
    4 years ago

    Thank you! Iā€™m nearly to my due date and found these poses really helpful.

  • Hi, can I ask whether or not you are leaning against the wall in the second pose (the Goddess pose)? It sort of looks like you’re close to the wall in the photo, but the description doesn’t reference the wall. Thanks so much for these poses!

    • Bettina Rae
      4 years ago

      I’m not but you certainly can if you need to for balance. šŸ™‚

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