First trimester pregnancy yoga – connect with bub in the first trimester

connect with bub in the first trimester

Trying to connect with bub in the first trimester can be difficult to do. You’re not showing yet. You probably haven’t told anyone yet. You may not even have any pregnancy symptoms.


I think it is important to do though. This is a new life growing within you! Connecting helps you slow down, honour your pregnancy and start looking after yourself the way you need to.


This first trimester pregnancy yoga flow is gentle and grounding and we’ll focus on connecting in with our baby, even at this early stage.


How to connect with bub in the first trimester


+ meditate and imagine bub growing within you


+ write a letter to your baby – share how you’re feeling and your hopes and dreams for them for the future


+ massage your belly every night after your shower with coconut oil and imagine yourself massaging your newborn baby when he / she arrives


+ practice this gentle first trimester pregnancy flow below




Let me know in the comments how many weeks you are and if you enjoyed this class!


Want to know how to practice safely throughout all three trimesters? Download my free Pregnancy Yoga Kickstart Guide here.

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