First official Room Reveal! The Living Room.

When we bought this house back in March last year and we had intentions of transforming the place in 5 weeks (Thanks for not laughing to my face about our ridiculous plans by the way) I decided I would take progress photos and reveal each room as it was completed.


I envisioned showing you perfectly styled rooms that were completely finished.  I’ve since come to realise (der!) that houses are never ‘finished’.  (A bit like people I guess).  There will always be something left to do, always improvements and modifications to be made.  And so I’ve decided to start showing you ‘where we’re at’ instead.


The lounge room was the first room that started to feel like home.  It’s still not technically finished (of course) – I was careful not to photograph the few power points and phone cords that still need to be fitted (if only I could edit like that in real life as well!).  We also have plans for more built in storage around the TV but that has to wait in favour of Andrew finishing important jobs like the kitchen, bathroom and our ‘drop of death’ off the outdoor area (needless to say this area stresses me out the MOST!).  I also have plans to buy a rug for the floor and add a few more things to the walls, but I still haven’t found the perfect rug and artwork hasn’t been high on our priority list.


But in the meantime I’ll let the photos speak for themselves… oh and the HUGE list of steps at the bottom just in case any one should be as foolish as us and think renovating will somehow fit within your predetermined time frame!

IMG_6897IMG_8342IMG_6899IMG_8303IMG_5244 - Copy - CopyIMG_8321IMG_8311IMG_8314IMG_8334


What we did:

– ripped up carpets and curtains (that happened day 1 because they were so smelly!)

– sprayed ‘urine off’ on all the marks on the floor

– sanded the yellow tongue flooring to remove stains and replaced the worst bits

– removed mouldings around walls and ‘decorative things’ around door frames

– cleaned 20+ years of animal grime from windows and replaced all rollers

– installed new security screens on windows

– fixed holes in walls

– painted everything white (You may remember the saga here where we paid someone, they did a shocking job and we ended up having to re-do it anyway. You live and you learn. But let’s not talk about it, okay.)

– laid bamboo flooring

– replaced skirting

– replaced lights

– replaced powerpoints and switches

– new curtains and rods


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14 Responses to “First official Room Reveal! The Living Room.

  • You have come such a long way! You must be so proud! Your house is beautiful!

      9 years ago

      Thanks Teagan. We really are. There is still so much to do though that I often get caught up in that. But really, we have done so much already, I need to focus on that! Xx

  • What a transformation! It looks beautiful! Love the colour scheme – very calming and restful. Good luck with the rest of the house 🙂 x

  • LOOKS AMAZING! You pair are so talented!!! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all your photos on FB and Insta of the renos in progress so lovely to see a ‘finished’ room!

      9 years ago

      Oh thanks! We are pretty pleased with ourselves… Now if only the rest of the house was as pretty!

  • Lilybett
    9 years ago

    I am kinda a fan of the curly decorative things in older houses but what you’ve done looks A-mazing! I love how big and brightly lit it is – so clean and fresh looking with the white pain. And your styling is lovely too. Great job. xx

      9 years ago

      Thanks! We left the decorative stuff at the top of round the room and above lights just not the clunky bits around the door frames.

  • I LOVE your flooring!! Ah, you have done an amazing job!!

      9 years ago

      Thanks Talia I’m in love with it too. Just not with cleaning it! 😉

  • Heather
    9 years ago

    Oh WOW, it’s wonderful! You guys did a great job 🙂 it looks so open and airy, like a breath of fresh air! Hope you are enjoying it!

      9 years ago

      Thanks Heather. It’s definitely one of my favourite rooms at the minute.

  • The floors are so nice. And I can see the baby changing station (hoping this is the correct English translation) is ready.

      9 years ago

      Thanks Nette. Yes bub will be in our room but there is no room in there for the change table so it’s in the lounge which is right next to our room 🙂 All ready to go! I just need him to arrive now!

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