How to find energy without coffee



I know. The title of this post is almost blasphemous isn’t it?  I love coffee too – don’t worry I’m not saying you can’t have your daily cup.  But I also know when you start to rely on it, or numerous cups of it to get you going each day it starts becoming a bit of a problem. And yes I know because I’ve been there.


So how can you find energy without coffee?


Basically the same way kids do! They move, move, move!


  • get the blood pumping round your body
  • breathe deep
  • build head and sweat!


I’ve got a 10 minute yoga practice for you today that uses all three of these to create energy. Give it a go before you start your day and I guarantee you’ll feel better.



This 10 minute yoga class is a part of my free 14 day yoga reset. Join here to receive all the videos and resources to start resetting your bad habits today.

One Response to “How to find energy without coffee

  • Is it not allowed to say I cannot stand the stuff? Coffee that is. I think it tastes like crap. I tried drinking it once or twice…a vanilla latte with six sugars. Thought better of it and went back to water.

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