Fertility Yoga Pose – Locust pose for fertility

Locust, also known as Salabhasana, is a powerful yoga pose that has many benefits for supporting fertility. This energising pose targets the lower abdomen, pelvis, and reproductive organs, stimulating and promoting overall reproductive health. I recommend practising locust pose for fertility during the pre-ovulation phase of your cycle (after you’ve finished menstruating and before you ovulate).

locust pose for fertility

Benefits of locust pose for fertility 

  • Locust pose helps to stimulate the ovaries and abdominal organs by compressing and decompressing these organs. As you raise the legs up, the fists compress the lower belly (containing the uterus and ovaries). As you lower the legs the organs receive a fresh supply of blood as circulation is released.
  • Locust pose strengthens the muscles of the back, buttocks, and legs.
  • Locust pose can also improve posture by strengthening the back line of the body.
  • Locust pose increases strength and flexibility of the spine.

When shouldn’t you practise locust pose?

Avoid practicing locust during menstruation and after ovulation. Belly compression is avoided during menstruation as it often feels uncomfortable when the belly is bloated and sore. After ovulation it’s best to practise a soft belly to encourage conception. Avoid any poses that involve strong core work or compression of the abdominal organs.

What props should you use to practise locust pose for fertility?

No props are needed for locust pose, although you can practice with a blanket underneath you if you find that more comfortable.

How to practice locust pose for fertility

Come to lie on your belly with your hands reaching back towards your legs.

Make fists with your hands and slide them underneath the body with the palms facing up. Make sure your forearms are inside the hip bones and not underneath them for comfort.

On your inhale, raise your legs by squeezing the muscles of your back, glutes and inner thighs. If it feels comfortable, you can also raise your chest off the ground as well.

Hold for three breaths then lower back down to the mat. Gently rock your hips from side to side to release.

Which stages of the cycle can you practise locust pose for fertility?

When you’re trying to conceive, practise locust during pre-ovulation (after you menstruate and before you ovulate). Locust pose feels more comfortable during this stage of the cycle and helps to improve uterine lining through increasing circulation and energy flow to the pelvis and abdomen. If you’re not actively trying to conceive you can practise this pose after ovulation, although it should still be avoided during menstruation.

When should you practise?

As locust pose is quite dynamic and heating it should only be practised once the body is warm. Prepare for locust by practising poses that gently open the heart and stretch the low back like sphinx pose and low lunge. Locust pose can also be practiced as preparation for deeper backbends like bow pose and upward facing dog.

If you’re brand new to practising fertility yoga you can download my free guide here.

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