Fertility affirmations to help you feel better.

Trying to feel positive and hopeful when you’re struggling to conceive can be really hard.

Cycles upon cycles of disappointment.

Tests that show up everything, or nothing.

Falling down the internet rabbit hole of alllll the things you should be doing for your fertility and feeling like you’re failing at most of them.

Seeing everyone around you falling pregnant so easily.

It’s really f***ing hard.

fertility affirmations

I want to share some positive affirmations with you today, because this is one of the things that helped me so much when we started trying again after our three losses.

Fertility affirmations really helped me to come down from the anxiety I was feeling, to stay focused on feeling hopeful and excited and to stay in a positive frame of mind rather than feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Repeating these affirmations to yourself might feel a little weird at first. You might have to say them 100 times (or more) before you even start to believe them – but trust me – little by little they’ll start to work.

How to use fertility affirmations

+ Whenever you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, take a deep belly breath and repeat an affirmation to yourself.

+ Write them down and stick them somewhere you’ll see them often. (eg. your bathroom mirror or in your cupboard doors).

+ Repeat your affirmation to yourself during your morning yoga or meditation practice. (If you’re brand new to fertility yoga I have a free guide you can download to get started.)

+ Write your fertility affirmation in your journal first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to sleep.

+ Use your affirmation as your computer or email password.

+ Set an alarm on your phone to flash your affirmation at certain times during the day.

I’ve found it works better if you make sure the words are meaningful to you so while I’ve included a list below – feel free to pick and choose what works for you.

Fertility affirmations to help you feel better

I am healthy and happy and ready to conceive our baby.

I am strong and fertile.

I am calm and ready.

I trust that our baby is coming.

I am ready.

I trust that my body will conceive our baby.

My womb is ready to carry our baby.

My body knows how to grow and carry our healthy baby.

I love and trust my body is ready to create our baby.

My body and hormones are in perfect balance. I feel healthy, strong and fertile.

I am ready to become a mother.

Have you tried using affirmations during your fertility journey? Let me know what words you use in the comments below.

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