Emotional healing after miscarriage – how meditation can help

I want to start by saying I’m sorry that you’re currently searching for information on ’emotional healing after miscarriage’. Losing a baby is a really shitty, painful experience and I’m sorry that you’re going through it.

After each of my losses I felt so freaking lost. I remember thinking ‘how do I even begin to heal from this?!’

Meditation became a really important part of my healing but let me also be really honest here. Meditation was one of the last things I felt like doing in the early days and weeks after my losses. Sitting in silence. With no distractions. Having to actually FACE the pain I felt about losing my babies felt like torture.

So if you’re currently feeling like vomiting at the thought of it, look, I get it. Maybe file this article somewhere safe and come back to it later when you start looking for ways to heal your heart.

I believe that to heal from grief we have to allow ourselves to feel it. So when you’re ready to face it, meditation can be a tool to help you to sit in the big emotions of it.

What you need to know about meditation for emotional healing after miscarriage

+ Meditation does not have to be done sitting bolt upright, with crossed legs on a cushion. You can meditate lying down. You can meditate whilst walking. You can meditate whilst doing yoga. You can meditate

+ If you’re brand new to meditation, a guided one is the best place to start. This means you’ll have someone gently talk you through the process, rather than just sitting there wondering if you’re ‘doing it right’.

+ You can’t ‘do it wrong’ or be ‘bad at it’. Lots of people think their minds are too busy to meditate. I hate to tell you, but that’s exactly the reason you need to meditate.

+ It might feel overwhelming at first. If you’ve been distracting yourself from your feelings, when you first sit with them, they may feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. You may also feel surprised by what comes up. Try not to over-analyse your feelings and just allow yourself to feel whatever comes up.

If meditation isn’t for you, or maybe you’re not ready yet – you might find something else that works for you here.

I’ve also just released my book Watering the Flowers – A guide to find healing and hope after losing a baby. I hope it helps you to heal your heart, even just a little bit. If you’re in Australia you can find it here.

International orders here.

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