Easy DIY Christmas gifts – succulent terrariums

I don’t mean to alarm you, but have you realised we are rapidly heading towards Christmas?  I’m unsure how this happened. I feel like it was only a few weeks ago I was heavily pregnant, it was January and I was wishing the days away waiting for this baby to arrive.  Oh … wait. I had a baby. Right. That makes sense.


So I’ve decided I want to try and make as many Christmas presents as I can this year. Because I’m INSANE  trying to be thrifty. I’m still not sure what’s happening with my work next year and how long I need to make our current savings last. Well… that’s the excuse I’m going with anyway. Mostly I just like making stuff.


First up has to be one of the easiest gifts to make. DIY succulent terrariums and glass pots.


What you’ll need.

Small rocks (Bunnings – under $10 for a big bag)

Sand (Stole from Eamon’s sandpit – free! #badmother)

Succulents (Taken from my Mum and Grandmother’s garden yonks ago and have managed not to kill! #miracle – also FREE)


Jar – mine cost between $1 and $5 from the Reject shop but you could also use old food jars and dye using glue and paint like in this tutorial.


How to

{This barely needs an explanation does it?}

Layer rocks, sand, dirt and plants.  Optional to add an extra layer of plants on top.  I plan to wrap some twine around the top before gifting.









No time to make your own? Check out @artfeltsucculents on Instagram.  She can post you one in time for Christmas

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