Don’t let busyness steal your dreams.

I don’t know about you but we are only just at the end of January and already the ‘busyness’ of regular life has already started to take a hold.
My days are rapidly filling up with things I ‘need to do’ and the steps I was taking towards achieving my goals and intentions for this year are slowly being pushed aside.
I’ve only been back at work one week and I can already feel my balance is slipping!
Why do we let this happen!?
Why do we allow ourselves to get so caught up in this constant busyness? Only allowing ourselves a pause
at the end of the year just long enough to exclaim ‘wow that year went fast!’ before we hop straight back on the ‘busy-train’ again.
Yes, life is busy and there are things in our day that absolutely MUST be done but how much of your day is spent actually being productive vs being busy just for ‘busys’ sake?  I’m talking the unnecessary things we do that could easily be done tomorrow, the useless worries that spend too much time talking about, the hours spent researching online instead of just making a decision and the constant multitasking that just makes every task take twice as long to complete
It’s almost become like a badge of honour we wear; trying to out-do each other with how much more we can take on. But at what cost?
At the end of the day this ‘busyness’ doesn’t serve us. How many nights have you fallen onto the couch exhausted yet feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing? Feeling unfulfilled and not in the least bit excited about doing it all over again the next day?
For mothers in particular this ‘busyness’ can take up our entire day. The constant never-ending list of jobs steal every minute and before you know it another day has passed. Another day where you haven’t taken a moment to step back and do something that moves you forward, that moves you towards your dreams and leaves you feeling just that little bit closer. And if you haven’t even taken the time to evaluate where you are going and what all this ‘busyness’ is for, then you, more than anyone, need to take a moment to step back and look at the big picture.  If you’re still saying ‘I just don’t know what I want’ it’s because you haven’t taken the time to just be without the constant ‘doing’.
Let’s be realistic here; it may be only 15 minutes that you can dedicate. And let’s also be honest and call ourselves on our own excuses. 

Can you honestly not find 15 minutes in your day to do something that takes you towards the things you value, to those goals you want to achieve? Something that will allow you to end the day feeling that small buzz of accomplishment? It may not feel like much time each day but can you imagine what next year will look like when you look back on the progress you’ve made? 15 minutes every day for an entire year is a lot of time in retrospect.

So today I’m taking a step back to re-evaluate the way I’m spending my time and I hope you do too.  I’m going to check in with what I’m doing rather than just blindly following the ‘things that must be done’, and I’m taking my 15 minutes. (at least).  

Do yourself a favour; don’t let the never-ending ‘busyness’ of daily life steal your dreams.

2 Responses to “Don’t let busyness steal your dreams.

  • MotherDownUnder
    10 years ago

    It is SO hard! I feel the same way. I feel like I want and need to be productive with my free time…and yet I also need some time just to veg. I really want to be better with my online time…to have the discipline to sit down at my computer, do what I need to do and then move on to something offline instead of getting swallowed up by the Internet. I have yet to actually manage this…but I am working on it!

  • 15 minutes? Hmm think I am going to follow this. Dads/Men in general tend to get way more than 15 minutes a day of “me time”, why shouldn’t we?

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