Do you remember the joy of Christmas through child-like eyes?

Sometimes I just want to make things that make my heart happy. This video is one of those things. Here’s to 2019 and doing things for no other reason than it makes YOUR heart happy.

Do you remember the joy of Christmas through child-like eyes?

Of excitement fixing in your belly as you searched the skies for a flash of red.

Do you remember how twinkling fairy lights felt like magic

and the sweet taste of candy cane on your tongue.

Of endless days of waiting, counting down to the day

that continued to feel forever away.

Do you remember the deliriousness of too many late nights

and pretending to be asleep in the car so someone else would carry you inside.

Do you remember closing your eyes on Christmas Eve dreaming of everything

and nothing and all the feelings all at once.

Of skin-bursting excitement of waking up to the magic of Christmas Day.

Do you remember the flurry of action Christmas morning

that always felt like it was over too soon.

And then the pause.

The quiet reprieve before the rest of the day began.

Salty skin and the sharp cold of ocean swims

that make you catch your breath before you bravely dive in.

Of hot sticky naps stolen between the busy-ness of days.

Do you remember long winding drives.

Time to sit and stare and dream of family to see

and fun to be had.

Of awkward hello hugs until you settle into familiar laughter.

To play silly games where young and old are all the same.

Do you remember rehearsing cartwheels and handstands for an invisible audience.

Cloud watching and dappled sunlight glistening through the trees.

Of quiet sunset moments where something reminds you of those who are missed.

Do you remember Christmas celebrations that seem to last for days.

Much to your delight.

The joy of everything brand new and not knowing where to start.

Of dresses that twirl, crisp blank pages to dream, the promise of possibility.

Do you remember the joy of Christmas through child-like eyes?

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