Do you need to detox for fertility?

detox for fertility?

Do you need to detox for fertility?

I get asked this question all the time.

My answer?

Yes. No. Maybe.

I know, not the most helpful of answers is it?

If detoxing were as simple as stopping eating crappy food, not putting chemicals on our bodies or in our homes then I would say ‘YES absolutely – do a detox! Start yesterday!’

The problem is trying to detox for fertility in the strict sense of the world is unlikely to work. Because… we’re human.  And there is a whole lot more to eating and consuming than just the physical act.

Like emotional eating that has us hiding in the pantry as soon as you can say ‘two week wait’. 

Sooo… if you’re stressed to the eye-balls and wanting to make positive changes for your fertility I can pretty much guarantee that trying to go on a super strict detox is unlikely to stick for too long.

For me anyway, restriction = disaster.

Restriction =  more stress.

Restriction = being strict for a few days then it’s a free for all on all the things I’ve denied myself.

Instead why not just try making small changes bit by bit. One good choice after another. Little by little. Before you know it your pile of good things will start to grow.

Maybe your good choice today could be this detox fertility yoga class.

We’ll compress into the digestive and reproductive organs to help them to gently cleanse and release.  Because of all the twists this class is best suited for after menstruation and before ovulation.  If you’re looking for class for all the stages of the cycle – check out my four class series instead. 

Want more info on how to get started with fertility yoga? Download my free guide here. 

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