DIY toddler tights

I don’t know who decided that little boys shouldn’t wear tights but I cannot find boys toddler tights  anywhere. Not in a size 1 and over anyway.  Whilst I could shop in the girls section for some black or grey ones, what I really want is some cute boys patterns.

Jeans look great but aren’t so practical for the little monkey who likes to climb everything and track suit pants are practical but daggy.
I decided to make a few pairs for Eamon before we go away by tracing an old pair.  I’m on a self imposed fabric buying ban so I made three plain pairs from my stash and am now on a hunt for some cute boys knits. Anyone know where I can find them?
Want to make your own tights? They’re so simple to make, just make sure you use a ballpoint jersey needle and a walking foot, otherwise the knits get all warped and weird when you sew.
So, got some knits or an old stretch t-shirts? Let’s go.

1. Fold the tights along the seams and pin the straight edge on the fold of your fabric.

2. Cut around the tights leaving about a cm for seams and 3cm for the hem and waistband.

3. Repeat the same process for the opposite side. Your pieces should look like mine above.

4. Hem the bottom of the leg (right) before sewing up the inside leg seam. (Clearly I forgot to do this for my first pair).

5. Turn one leg the right way out and place it inside the other leg. Make sure you line up the leg seam. Pin and sew.

6. Open out your pants and fold the waist down twice to form a casing. Leave a small gap to fit the elastic through.

7. Thread elastic through the casing with a safety pin and adjust to fit. Sew the ends of the elastic together and sew the casing shut.

8. Accessorise with matching gum boots and you’re good to go (he refused to do anything unless I put his gumboots on!)

7 Responses to “DIY toddler tights

  • Jarvis lives in his leggings. I think he has well over a dozen. An old men’s t-shirt is the perfect size to make a pair, up to a size 2. (unless it is a very bif t-shirt then I have made a size 3)

  • These are the cutest! Max is only 3 months – and so right into the legging loving…but if you can make them look that cute on your little one I think we shall have to give sowing a pair a go (or buy some off you)

  • I love those stripey ones. I made a maxi skirt with an old bed sheet once! There aren’t any little boys in our family, though perhaps that’s a good thing, because my sewing skills are close to non-existent!

  • Maria Staunton
    9 years ago

    Bettina this is a very timely post because I was thinking just this week about making some pants like this for the twins. Thanks for the tutorial. I will have a go on the overlocker rather than the regular machine. So pleased to see you are going so well in your new home. I am rather jealous of the farmers markets you have though 🙂

  • MotherDownUnder
    9 years ago

    I love a boy in leggings!
    Toddler C lives in his…you are right that they are such much easier for them to move around in!
    I am not clever and crafty like you though so I am dependent on Big W and Bonds for his leggings. And I think the last few pairs I bought probably were meant for girls…whatever boys can wear funky prints too!

  • Erica @ recycled fashion
    9 years ago

    Perfect! And great tutorial too, thank you

  • I found a stack of size 2s at Big W, in lots of gorgeous bright stripes so Dear Boy lives in those. This tutorial’s going to come in handy when he outgrows those. Thanks!

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